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Does Your Life Reflect God's Word?

Tips to help you hear the message in His word and apply it to your life.

Lent: A Time for Drawing Closer to Jesus

Use the precious weeks before Easter to renew your spirit and fill your heart with God's love.

A Devotion to Help You Recharge

Rebecca Ondov shares a story and prayer that helped her refuel.

When You Doubt God's Love

A devotion excerpted from Time Out for the Spirit to help you remember God loves you every day!

The Perfect Bible Lesson

Are you perfect in God's eyes?

Jesus in the Right Place

A modern day parable excerpted from Daily Guideposts 2015.

Prayer for a Pure Heart

Ask Jesus to reshape your thinking and your desires so that you want what He wants in your life.

Mysterious Ways: Cowboy Wanted

I had my idea of the perfect man—but how would I ever find him?

A Prayer a Day Keeps the Blahs Away

You get a flu shot, eat right and take your vitamins, but do you make time for God every day?

Scripture and Tips to Overcome Fear

Four action steps to help you release your fears and fill your heart with Christ’s love.