Shawnelle Eliasen

Shawnelle Eliasen

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Anxious Questions

I want to live open-handed, releasing my concerns to the capable hands of God.

A Parent's Joy

It’s a fulfillment of hope. It’s what we wish for. Dream about. Strive to have happen.

Seeing the Good in My Spouse

When a frantic family schedule threatens to implode, time to find gratitude.


Vulnerability in Friendship

Over steaming mugs of early morning coffee, the truth and trust of friendship is felt.

Joy in the Lord's Love

Unbound happiness straight from the soul starts with knowing God's provision.


The wonder of a snowy Sunday morning outdoors moves a mother's soul.

Truth Versus Lies

You can stand on promise, or you can listen to lies.

Daddy's Love

A son's disobedience is met with the goodness and grace of a father’s love.

Being Still

In the midst of gut-wrenching worry, the Lord longs for me to be still, calm and free.



The Lord is here with us, bringing beauty and love and grace into our small minutes.