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Do you pay for stories? If so , how?

Hello John. I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you asking if we pay the contributors to our magazines? The answer is yes.

Just want to tell you I love my Angels On Earth Planner 2012. I hope you continue to make these available in the future.

I receive angels on earth and just renewed my subscription as well as paid for two more gift subscriptions.

* My Subscription: Mary Paris Acworth, GA

Two additional subscriptions:
* Fran Hudson, AL

* Mrs Althafer, Martha's Mom, GA

I received two Angels on Earth magazines this month and do not know if the gifts are being sent. Please check payments.

Mary Paris

Thank you

Hi Mary. Feel free to contact our customer service department for assistance with your subscriptions. Their toll-free number is (800) 431-2344.

I never saw this video before and now with tears in my eyes I am wishing that you will like my story so I can be a part of this wonderful publication, and its family.

For over a year I have worked on my story, talked of wanting to be in Angels on Earth; now after this video, it would be such an honor to be in an issue.

Thank you for this magazine of hope and renewal.

Dorothy Hokulea :)