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Support from the family members is the greatest thing that a dementia patient can have. They may not even recognize you, but the care and support can help hem a lot. And that's what she also has done. Thanks for the share

As a teenager, I grew up listening to your music. That is why when I saw you on the cover of the guidepost that my mom gave me I couldn't wait to read it. My father is in the beginning stages of vascular dementia. Your article gave me hope and strength for the road that lies ahead. Thank you!

There is a support forum for those caring for those suffering from FTD dementias i.e. Lewy Dementia, language variants like PPA and Semantic Dementias as well as the behavioral and Picks variants of FTD.

It offers caring support and lots of helpful information for those caring for their loved ones.

The http://ftdsupportforum.com/ recently added their 5,000th member, but still remains the same caring, supportive and helpful forum.

Thank you so much Amy for opening up your personal family stuff and sharing it with the world. May the Lord richly bless you for that.

God Bless and I know you are around people who love and care and it helps out. Keep strong for your dad and yourself it not easy but you have to have compassion for your dad and at the same time stay strong.


Our mother also has Lewy Body Dementia! What a ride for our family. It's been 2.5 years as we muddle through. Her husband, our dad turns 90 this year and often struggles with how to spend time with her in visits to the nursing facility. As a family we live 6+ hrs away from him in MA, other members out west in AZ and south in FL. It's been paramount to set up a housekeeper for dad, use of a cell phone for emergencies and daily phone calls where we hope he is telling us the whole truth when we ask how his day went. The support for all members of the family is critical. Thank you for telling us your story and prayers as you take each day as another blessing to spend with your dad.


Thank you Amy for your video and story. My dad is in late stages Alzheimers and my mother suffers from extreme depression and dementia. I am an only child, so it has all fallen on me. Thank goodness I have two good friends. One is like a sister and one like my second mother who have prayed me through this and still are. I could not have made it thus far if it had not been for the good Lord guiding me and directing me. I have many times fallen on my knees crying to God asking for strength and direction.

To the lady who recently moved to Florida. PLEASE seak help and guideance through the Alzheimers Association. You cannot do this alone! You will need help and support. I cannot stress this enought. Please do not be afraid to reach out to others, even if stangers, for help and support. And of course, rely fully on the loving arms of our loving God!


Amy you are such an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your experience. I am caring for my husband who has been treated for brain cancer, and has difficulty communicating. There are funny and loving times and there are challenging times. I know we will get through this together.

No closed caption!

As a person who has come through this with my Dad and losing my Mom to breast cancer, Amy's words are right on target. It is a tough journey but there are joyful and meaningful moments in the midst of it. Cherish those and know that the Lord is able for whatever you or your loved one is facing.

Such an inspiring story! Prayers to Amy and her family during this time! Awesome tips, and thanks so much, for sharing, but not just sharing, sharing from deep within your heart! So many Blessings and thanks! I
cried and prayed while watching! :) This was ....beautiful!

I admire that Amy's entire family has rallied around to support one another through these trying times. I don't have that, won't have it. I will face this alone, perhaps with the help of some caring friends, but that will only be via e-mail or maybe an occasional phone call. We moved to FL just 10 months ago, and if I or our then neurologist has been more astute, we may have recognized that my husband's obsession with moving here was not a rational decision. I gave up a job with health insurance, and no matter how hard I tried to explain to my husband that getting a job here would be very, very difficult for me and that I wouldn't have health insurance, he just couldn't understand it. I just thought he was being his normal selfish self, but now I know he wasn't. I should have known it, too, when he couldn't understand the financial dealing associated with selling one home, buying another and maybe needing a mortgage to pull it off. Fortunately, the timing came out right, and we were able to buy our home outright, but in 10 months, I haven't been able to find a job, my COBRA will be up in 8 months, and I am only 61. My husband is 78 so he has Medicare and his supplement. I am so scared by what is happening because there was a dramatic, sudden change in him on Christmas Day 2012, and I am dealing with the reality that my husband is not really there anymore. He can shower and shave and things like that, but getting him to do it is another story. He doesn't remember that we are married (23 yrs next month). Fortunately, we have found a new neurologist who is having many tests done to determine what is truly going on, but in the meantime, I must deal with him not knowing where we live or when we moved here, thinking there are other people in the house or trying to break in. We have LTC insurance, but that will not nearly pay for the care he will eventually need. In the meantime, I continue to age and getting a job is hard enough if your are young. No one wants to train a new employee ("Only experienced need apply"). I was a successful women in a construction related industry for over 30 years. I held responsible jobs and managed and trained hundreds of people over the years. Now, I am pretty much a cast off of a by-gone era when hard work and determination made a difference. Still, I try to hold on to my faith, knowing that the Lord will see me through, but there are times when it is nearly impossible to "let go and let God".

Joel osteens book "I declare" and Joyce Meyers book " change ur words change ur life" are a daily must read for everyone with challenges. It's really keeping me going n I live w/ both my parents who r both on dementia meds.. I take it one day at a time. God has never, and will never let me down..I pray strength courage endurance faith peace n support n provision on all us caregivers. N good humor!! Bless us all

Thank you, Amy, for sharing this video. I just finished reading your story in Guideposts and it tells me what may lie ahead as my husband is now facing dementia, while it is still in the beginning stages and he is on medication, I know it will be progressing as time goes on so this does give me some tips to follow in the days to come. Having faith and relying on God's help is an important factor in my life and that of my daughter.

Thank you for sharing this video. My mother has the beginning evidences of dementia and I can see the fright in her eyes and she gets very angry if I point it out.
I'm a double caregiver to both mothers (both 87), mother-in-law lives with my husband and I and my mother is 4 miles away. My mother has become very weak and disinterested and this is affecting her daily in many ways.
She also has macular degeneration so advanced that she can't see very well and nothing can be done. Her heart is in need of surgery but other health concerns can cause her to have a stroke if operation takes place. She also has GI issues (probably due to meds). I'm sure I'm not alone...my husband and I are firm believers in long-term healthcare for both of us....I'm hoping to find a group to help me through all this...
I do have some wonderful women in their 70's who are my mentors and that does help.
The best advice I have gotten is don't be angry at them!


Diane. Marietta, GA

Thank you. I'm going through this with my Dad. He's lost memories, judgement and executive function skills...but not his faith. He is my Hero!

I have happened upon this story at such a trying time in my life as our family is going through the same challenge. As I read this story I am thankful to encouraged not just about having faith but allowing my faith in God to be at the forefront and not just a notion. this has sharpened me a little for the task ahead of us.... Thank you and may God continue to shine the light of his word in your family's lives. I love how you are allowing this to bring you closer together around him. reminds me of a song, the lyrics something like this - Jesus be the Center of my Life from beginning to the end.... blessings to you!!!

This has really touched me as Amy and her family's experience is so similar to what we are, and have been, going through with our mother. We are very fortunate to have an exceptional care giver who has taken mom into her home. She advised me that one day I will come to visit mom and she won't know me. That has not happened yet but I will admit that I dread it. I appreciate our past days together now so much more.

I am a cytologist of forty years experience. I wrote the original hypothesis on how exercise increases the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the neurons and prevent and reverses early dementia. The research have been validated by over 700 studies.
It is important to keep these patients as active as possible to prevent advanced deterioration. It sadden me to see that people are still unaware of how to be proactive with all the funding and research that have been done to prevent this type of suffering. cytologyresearch@aol.com

Sorry about the request. I thought it was an email form. Great video. I'm going through the same thing with my dad.


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Danny, what kind of materials are you looking for (and in what numbers)? I can't promise anything, but I'll ask, if you provide more specific info.