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What a wonderful video of a young woman at the age of 80, sharing her zest for life! Obviously, age is what you make of it! Watching this video makes me, at the age of 65, eager to get up and go, do something where I'm moving, making the most of my day and enjoying the abilities that God gave me.

Wow! I always thought I'd live to be 100 (I'm 61) but lack of energy and strength make me wonder how I can go on much longer - I need to adopt Doris's attitude and get up and move. We do have praying while bike riding in common so I have hope.

Thank you for sharing.

Doris you are an inspiration. I am 54 years old very depressed and overweight. I am going to us you as my inspiration to make a better life for my self. I hope you are still lifting weights at 100.

God Bless you