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Here is the poem I mentioned as I expressed appreciation for who you are -

Sarah, You're a Beautiful Person!
( dedicated to Sarah Drew 6/11/2014 )

Sarah, you're a beautiful person, blessed of God.
It's evident in your smile that tells the story.
And your inward beauty is seen in your words.
They reveal your character molded by Him.

'Tis not often such a person one finds on earth,
It stems from your upbringing in family
As your testimony bears witness to your father -
One whom God has enriched with His goodness.

He has faithfully raised you for God's glory
And that glory radiates in all you do.
Such a blessedness deserves to be shared -
It encourages others who need God's touch.

May your legacy shine in your children,
Who certainly are endowed with God's glory as well.
As they grows up their lives shall bring great blessing
'Cause you, their mother, have faithfully served God.

Nothing compares to a God-blessed mother.
Throughout eternity her story shall be told
As 'round the throne of God angels and saints
Shall render testimony for His faithfulness.

What more can be said here at this point?
The rest of your story is yet to be told.
As your life unfolds day after day in God's presence,
He will be praised for all He's done for you.

Thank you, Father, for giving us Sarah.
Thank you, Lord God, for such a blessed life.
May each of us who know You in truth
Follow the example she has set.

By a servant of God
who has lived to tell the story,
Robert Overstreet

Amen and Amen