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I have had 4 Back surgeries and numerous other type surgeries. I was taking so much pain medicine that I reached my peak. I finally had to submit to getting an intrathecal drug delivery pump implanted in my Abdomen. I still suffer with much pain. I can hardly do simply things around the house such as sweeping, mopping, ironing, etc. without being in severe pain. Therefore I have to limit myself daily. I go to the doctor, store when absolutely necessary (no shopping so to speak of). I do make Church but not as much as I would like. Plus my extra participation within the Church is really limited. I walk with a cane (even around the house). If much walking is required I have to use my walker. I try not complain and I go as hard as I can. I read this article the watched their video. These guys get out there and play so hard with holding their heads so high. I think, "How dare I think I
am bad off"! Seeing these guys sure lifts your spirits and lets one know, God Is Good All The Time and All The Time God Is Good"! I have always had faith that God will forever be there for me but these guys sure helps to increase my faith in God even more! There ARE better days ahead. If you do not believe, ask these guys! Thanks for this wonderful story. Linda