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This is such a good story and it helped me with my Dad's death also! Anyone that reads should read this book!

This is awesome. and this little boy is special and a blessing, watching this brought a feeling over me, a great feeling. this is one movie I will go see.
I am a true believer. and Colton, I believe there is a great purpose for you here on earth. God Bess you all.

I can't wait to see this movie. The book was incredible!!!

For what ever reason you were chosen! What's that verse "let the little children lead them"? I'm 61, I lost my 1st child in still-birth. It is my goal that I live right so one day I can finally hold my baby! Getting the gift to have of seeing what it will be like later (hopefully a long long time for you); was a very special gift! Hope you use it always for the greater good. I'd say god bless you, but I think he already has!!!

I wish i could go to give our Kirsty one more Hug & say i LOVE you.

Colton,you are one special child. I thank you for your story,your honesty..I lost my son when he was 26~ but I know I WILL see him again... Thank you~~ (HUGZZZ)))

Hi colton!you probably dont know me, but my dad knows your dad your dad might be there with you right know, but here is my dads name: Corey Odden

WOW is all I can say after watching this video. And reading the comments. God Bless all of you. What an interesting story to tell..... I am a true believer as well.....

i had an out of body experieince at 9 after i was clinically listed as dead. God is REAL. DNV
very real...

When I was investigating Christianity after a hard life as a hippie, I was reading Romans 8:9-10. I prayed "Jesus are you real as the Bible says. I immediately fell backwards and somebody cought me. I was bowing before the throne of God the Father and I could not see Him. I could feel the uglyness of my sins. Suddenly, I lifted my head off the ground and saw Jesus. He was exactly as the little boy described Him to be. Jesus simled at me, blew air towards me and grinned from ear to ear. His eyes lighted up and glowed blue like a laser. I never heard a word, but felt undescribable peace.

I have not told too many people because they would think I was crazy.