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Three months ago I lost my wife after 51 years of marriage. The song made me cry.

My deepest condolences to all those who have experienced the heartbreak of losing loved ones. I have read every account and every book I can get my hands on about life after death. I believe that our bodies may die but our spirits live on in another dimension so all is not lost after death. I lost my dear grandmother many years ago but feel her spirit so strongly when I listen to Josh Grobans song or when she quietly but reassuringly visits me in a dream. I believe therefore that when my body dies I will see her and all my loved ones again. Speak to your passed loved ones too; I believe they can hear us telepathically. They are our guardian angels now, watching over us and protecting us, until we see them again.

Please pray for me. My grief is so overwhelming tonite. My husband Tom passed away after a one month battle with lung cancer just 10 weeks ago. I have never heard this song before. I can assure all that I will listen to it again and again.

When I read your reply my heart ached for you...I too share the same sad husband, Jim past away 2 yrs. ago at the same age & circumstances & just as swiftly as your husband Tom....I know how raw your feelings are right now. If I could offer you any helpful information it would be this: "never discount the wonders of your tears, they can be healing waters & sometimes they are the best "words" the heart can speak". God Bless & take care & be gentle with yourself.


Dear Kathy,

Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing of your beloved Tom. My prayers are with you. May the presence and comfort of the Lord Jesus be as close as your own heartbeat.

thank you, i needed that

Hours in the emerbency room. Excruciating pain, yet, I calmly awaited.
4 hrs. passed....midnight became 4am.. I remained, quietly still, lying flat
on my hurting back. A young woman, came into the room: black hair, white
long-sleeved shirt, dark levi jeans. She opened my medical chart, then, placed it upon the nearby desk. She came over to the bed, wrapped the blood pressure cuff around my arm. I looked into her eyes. They were the most brilliant blue:
as though the colors of skies and sea were swirling within them. Calmness
filled the room. She signed a form, handing it to me, and as she left: I began dressing to leave for home. Somehow, in those precious moments, I knew she
was an angel. Neither one of us spoke a word, yet, I knew what to do. She was the most efficient "angel nurse." Then, the nurse, who left me alone in the exam
room reappeared and asked, "Why are you hetting dressed?" I explained how
another nurse gave me a release form. "No," she said, "I'm the only nurse
working, tonight."

Thank you for this lovely song. My mother just died on April 14, 2014. This song means so much to me.

Some things are so beautiful that words cannot fully convey the full gift they bring us. David Foster is so talented and Josh Groban has a voice that is so comforting. Thank you for providing this wonderful video. :)

My beautiful husband passed away two weeks ago and the pain is unbearable but I feel him all around me. He had a very strong presence and personality and I know he is with me.

Tonight I feel such sadness.........Angela. My dear husband passed away almost six years ago now. Suddenly after going to bed I just burst into tears ...... sometimes the pain is so unbearable. When I typed a search in my browser this is what I found.......... your comment and the song by Josh ......Where You Are......

This song takes my breath away,,, sooo beautifully worded for our love ones that have left us,,

I loved the song it gave me comfort especially with my son I lost in a car wreck in 2007.

Garry passed away in October, he fought an ugly battle with pancreatic cancer. He was loved by many, friends from his childhood were his friends for life.He was loved by his co workers and students at the trade school he taught.
When Garry lost his battle with cancer, people from different times in his life came to pay their respects, over 300 of his close friends and family came to his funeral service.
Many were friends he met at his Chevy car shows that Garry attended every chance he got. Where he would proudly show his ElCamino and his Camero..(I hope I spelled them right)''
He proudly displayed all the trophies and awards he won throughout his career.He had a wall that he shelved to display them all. His cars were his passion.
Tomorrow, June 14, Dee, his wife is having a celebration of life. She is going all out to have as many friends and family come to show their support.
My husband and I, his parents, will not attend, due to my health issues. But we will be there in spirit all the way from Florida to Connecticut.
We mourn our loss, and this song eases the pain.

Mary...though this reaches you late, know that you have my deepest condolences. The loss of a child should not happen. Your recount of Garry and his life, friends and the many who loved him thru the various avenues they met, reminds me SO much if my beloved father-in-law Bill. He passed in 2009 after a stroke and was from a small town but for 40 yrs. worked at a large factory in a neighboring city. He would never hesitate to stop to help someone change a tire or load their truck. He would take my brother-in-laws dog out for rides & walks daily & eve the ladies at the bank drive thru knew her name. The new couple in town who had bought the filling station knew him...he used to get on his bike and ride thru town, stopping at businesses to chat..that was him. When his obit published with his picture, we had people show up that never knew his name but knew him on sight & came to pay respects to their friend. Coworkers of many, many years ago were there. It was truly the most touching thing to see how a person can touch so many your Garry did. He was a people person, just like my Dad as I call him now. He and Dad are probably up in Heaven meeting more people, making pals, at peace.