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"I believe" not only n God and Jesus Christ, but in afterlife experiences, such as Ben Breedlove, and many others. I have had an experience, but different and have not come to terms with it yet. I am reading about others experiences and watched the movie, HEAVEN IS FOR REAL, and still thinking through it all and talking to God about it.

I have lost a son @twenty years born on his birthday February first. I told him at 15 he would not see his 21 birthday. After his death my mother said a angel told her he would die very early in life. When I was pregnant of my son I didn't know what too name. But I know something or some body too name him Jacob. He died February1974. He died the same time he was born . My life has not been easy but with out my Lord would not be here telling u about JACOB .

AWESOME video! my heart and prayers go out to his family and loved ones.I know he is in heaven !let that be your comfort:)