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I met Mary Neal personally at one event where she recounted her story. The more she spoke the more she lead a good number of us to realize that she created her near-death experience (NDE) story to get the money from the book.
This is why:
1. Mary followed in the steps of Betty J. Eedie (who had a NDE and told the experience in her book "Embraced by the Light", which sold in the millions and was a bestseller due to the loving content of the experience in Betty's encounter with the Lord). Mary even copied the color, and somewhat the design of the cover of Betty's book.
2. Mary's story does not even explain what God looks like in the story. True NDErs that are in the presence of God describe Him, even though with "lack of appropriate words" but describe Him!
3. True NDErs tell their story with awe and joy, showing emotion and feeling about God when they speak!! Mary Neal tells her story deviating (constantly) from the story, going on to talk about herself as a physician, about her analysis on things, about her Self. She speaks about the story in a cold way lacking feeling or emotion, SO intellectually made, her "intellect" (that she is so proud of) gives her away (!!)
4. Mary Neal refers to God as "Christ"; people who really have had a NDE refer to God as Jesus, they call Him by his name.
5. Mary Neal wears a cross ( ! ). True NDErs do even refer to the cross, much less wear one. After their NDE they are not about the cross, they refer to, and are about God, as the Living being!
6. Mary Neal says some "spirits or angels" (she says she does not know how to call them), that had "head, arms and legs" (when asked to describe them) gave her a "mandate" ( ! ) to write the book. Another of Mary's cheap attempts to copy from Betty's NDE, where Betty explains that she was told to write a book to let people know about the love of God. Which she did and did a great job at it.
7. This is a biggie, and shame on you Mary Neal! When making a video as part of a panel, Mary Neal again deviated from her recount of the story -- she does it unconsciously because in reality she did not have the NDE she says she did -- she easily goes off to talk, and talk, and talk about herself as the physician, about her views of this and that, about her analysis of this and that; she had to be interrupted and reminded, by the host, to go back to the NDE story (!!) THAT TELLS THE STORY OF MARY NEAL'S NDE IN ITSELF!
8. Mary Neal's story is inconsistent in several videos she has made. For example: in one video she says she saw "angels" in her room when she was in the hospital and that talked to them for hours. Yet, in another video she says she saw "Christ" when recounting that part of her story.
9. Says that the experience is about God's unconditional love. Yet, when you go to her website it is SO unfriendly and unapproachable -- fears to hear the truth in people's comments! By contrast, Betty J. Eadie's website is full of love, it is incredible the way she talks about God and Love of God and her NDE. A friendly website, where you can comment and ask questions to Betty, and on and on. Mary Neal's website, aside from being totally closed to comments, you can tell Mary wants to keep her distance from people…yet she wants to sell her book.
10. Her webpage is only about selling her book ( !! )
11. On her webpage she says she is "embarrassed" for having comeback to have medical attention the day of her accident to her home town here in the States. Of course she has to be embarrassed!! that is her alibi in the whole "kayaking accident" story. She did not have the accident in a river in Chile; she had "the accident" here in the United States. Probably she fell down the stairs in her home!!

This story is very nice. We all have Spirits around us each day. We are encouraged by them daily. If you listen in a quite place and write down the the first thoughts that come too you mind is our loves trying to talk to us. Don't think you are loosing it, these are thoughts that only you will hear. Our love ones want to hear from you everyday. Ask, the question take a deep breath, close your eyes and the words will come. Do not be afraid or think you are losing your mind. Dont care what folks says, they do talk too you. In Gods Light

Enjoyed, Mary Neal, but I would like to know more; for example what was she sent back to do? What was the discussion with the Angel, what were the answer to her questions?

You might want to read the story Mary wrote for Guideposts, Jdovly: You may also be interested in reading her book, which is available in the Guideposts Shop:

I was in an ATC motorcycle accident, "thanks" to two other cyclists that quickly left the area. I was found by two paramedics, who contacted the police and had me taken to a hospital by an airvac helicopter.

I had hit my skull on a boulder and was unconscious. My brain was expanding from the hit my head did to a boulder. I received an operation to relieve the pressure on my brain.
The doctor's told my family that I was in a coma and could possibly not live from the accident. But if I did survive, from the brain damage, I could be just like a young child and not know how to take care of myself.

I was in the coma for about a week, they said, before I was able to open my eyes and make sounds from my mouth. This was happening after, in my mind, I was with my grandmother, who had died several years ago, who was telling me to "wake up", that my sleeping was over. I opened my eyes and could see my mother and one of my older sisters in the hospital room I was in. The doctors were very surprised that this happened, as were my mother and my sister. I wasn't completely ready to leave the hospital, but I could talk and read and so forth. Because the "Angel" of my grandmother came to me.

Yesterday was a sad day for me. It's the 1st anniversary of my daughters passing. However I was prompted to turn the TV to Katie Couric's show.
Katie was interviewing the Doctor. I watched intently as felt a peace and
comfort in the Doctors story as she spoke directly to my pain. It was my
Delsa telling Mom not to cry, she is at a heppy and healthier place. Thank you for sharing your story. I'm getting the book.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I truly enjoyed it and I am looking forward to spending eternity with Jesus. Do you ever share Him with others? I mean, do you ever share the "Plan of Salvation" as you relate what happened to you in heaven? For the Bible says that only those who accept Jesus as their Savior can enter His Kingdom. It is important for us to accept Him while on this earth. That, is our ticket to heaven. Again, thanks, you brought tears to my eyes with your Dr. Oz interview. May God bless you and yours.

The videos aren't showing up on my webpage-- but I am sure it was a beautiful testimony

This is so comforting to hear and I plan to share the news with the Hospice pts I care for. Thank you for the story and your willingness to share your details of dying. I use every story to spread the confidence that God and His angels are there for us as soon as we are dying. Thank you. You are part of my Hospice ministry. MIM

i cant believe she didnt say the answers she got from the angels...God....about the big questions we want to know..why are we here etc.....very disappointing

Thank you, Dr. Neal!
I have shared this with all my facebook friends. What a comfort to hear your testimony! I'm so curious to hear more about the answers to the "big questions" you had with the angel. Please post more! Please write a book! Your GUIDEPOST article and video helped me today to remember the big picture and to put all things in their proper perspective.

I am hoping to see a book in the future; it would be wonderful to hear how the angel answered the 'big' questions!! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome incredible experience! I think it is quite revealing that you really did not want to be here, but rather, to have stayed in Heaven!!

Thank you, Dr. Neal, for sharing your experience. I have so many questions that I wish I could ask, but I am comforted in knowing that God has a plan and purpose for everyone. You were given a special gift in that God allowed you to experience some of what we all will eventually see. You are so blessed. Thank you again.

I have shared this with all my facebook friends. What a comfort to hear your testimony! I'm so curious to hear more about the answers to the "big questions" you had with the angel. Please post more! Please write a book! Your GUIDEPOST article and video helped me today to remember the big picture and to put all things in their proper perspective. Cleaners London

God bless you, I believe you (Holy Bible (AV): 2 Peter 3:8). I viewed your video and I thank you for making it. If only all individuals could know and accept that “God is omnipresent in all things, in all times, and in all places” such truth would change life on earth. “Earth is a learning ground in Faith in God (Matt. 11:25-30)” In our journey through it, everyone fulfills a heavenly Father’s purposed plan for their life, even if not aware of it. But oh the joy, when one is. As you are now, in this knowledge, and imparting it to others through your experience; this is doing God’s business (John 21:15-25) Mary C. Neal I’m thankful for your life, in your giving experience of God’s ever-present love for his creation–mankind.

Suzanne McMillen-Fallon, Author 2012
“There’s one thing I know–God exists.”’sWritings.html (currently not active)
The Mommy Writings Series
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Book 1

Your experience was riveting and comforting. Thank you for sharing. My son was in an accident earlier this year and my faith has been renewed as I trust that God's will be done.