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I've always believed in life after death, but all religions, including Christianity tell us that only the good can go to Heaven; Christ said that it is more difficult for the rich to go to Heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle... and it would certainly be infinitely more difficult for the sinful and the wicked... How can a sinner like me find comfort and hope in beautiful experiences as this, except an admiration for the witnesses of Heaven who certainly have lived pure and good lives?
--This is not a comment really, but a question that longs for an answer.

Oh my heart goes out to you "lost lamb". The God who became real to Dr Neal is so full of love for you, YOU, that without a doubt, he will draw you into the answer to your question.
No one, not one, not even the witnesses of heaven or those we might call saints are so perfect that it is by their own goodness and purity that they come into His Presence. Not one who has ever lived. Except Christ. And it is by him that we come. I also have tasted heaven briefly. Before surgery. I was not dying but I was taken there to be shown the purity of heaven. I was there for "a few hours" but on earth it was mere seconds. I was standing and did not even fall to the ground.
I also did not want to ever return. But I knew I would and I also knew I would adjust to be being back here again. All things here seemed like thick mud compared to the purity of heaven. I can attest that I am a regular person with faults and foibles and can make no claim to perfection. Even with my most earnest desires to be the best I can be I am not.
Your seeking heart will bring you what you to what you long for. He IS the answer.

thanks for sharing your experience dr.mary!

because it strengthens our faith and to move on with confidence...irrespective of what happens to us.

thanks again,

I too believe in life after son had a experience I happened to share with a witness. I do not doubt it for a minute. Thanks for sharing, it fills my heart with joy for God. Marion Pullen