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To the commenters who all wish the story was in print - it is! Just click the button that says: 'READ MORE'. It's in blue up there in the descriptive box. When you click that box, you get to read the story exactly how it is told on the video. It's in verbatim transcript form up there. That's how I do it. I just read the stories. I love them! Thank you Edward and Guideposts - well done.

I live month-to-month for each and every one of these precious stories. They remind me that God is with us Always, and is always looking out for us - thou we may weep and cry, the Saviour knows what is timely and true.

I myself lived through one of these "Mysterious Ways" events several years ago, and it served to bring me closer to God.

I agree... please put the stories in print as well as video! Not all of us can hear that well!

The teller of these experiences is wonderful.

My sound is fine on others sites, but i can barely hear on this one. I NEED headphones to understand what is being said. I REALLY don't want to miss a word of these most inspiring stories.

Sorry you're having trouble. You may be aware of it, but just in case, I'll mention that there's a volume control on our video player, so that, even if you have your computer's volume turned up high, the volume on the player itself could be low. You'll find it on the lower left of the video player, just above the video's title and to the right of the Play button; it's a small speaker icon. Hover your cursor over that, and if the volume does appear to be turned down low, you can increase it.


I do too

Is there any way this guy could appear less:

He is frequently, in my view, pushing the "recovery" version of The Lord.

He is trite, in my view, as well.

The all-to-frequent photos of his lounding with his dog, etc, etc; PLUS the other frerquent photos add up to his having started to dominate these pages.

He is NOT Dr. Peale, whose work we almost never see anymore; yet it is the foundation of the organization, with Mrs. Ruth S. Peal's. And their work is in danger of passing away quietly in favor of some guy lying around with a dog, in a shot that---frankly---could be considered offensive.

I have nothing against this guy; but I depend on the Peale work---true, tried and mega-effective---and it works. Why in the world should we scuttle a huge, globally recognized body of work for some guy who just got here and seems to want to inject himself into the Guideposts-related media, at will.

Thank you for considering my displeasure with this policy.



All the stories are so inspirational. They bring our thoughts back on our Lord. I so enjoy them.


Praise the Lord!

I love these stories of the impossible with man but possible with God. It helps my faith to surge forward in this world where belief in God in challenged.

I juststarted receivingtheseencouraging message,s,Amen

they are very encouraging!

I can not hear the speaker & he doesn't move his lips enough to read them. Please provide it in writing.

I could not hear the audio even with the volume turned all the way up.

Sorry you had trouble. The audio is definitely functional on this video. Perhaps the sound is muted on your computer?

Perhaps the person who said she couldn't hear the video and couldn't read his lips is deaf. Having these videos also in print would allow all, even the deaf, to enjoy these miracles from God.

this would be an opportunity for all people,God Bless: