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Why do some people, including myself, have guardian angel experiences while others, like the children and teachers in Connecticut do not? I have survivor's guilt because angels have saved my life more than once but other people die horribly - innocent people who have never harmed anyone. Why? Can anyone tell me? Ed - do you have any answers?

Dear Anonymous, I don't have the "answer", but I can relate to your experience. Although I grew up in Brooklyn, NY I was never afraid of coming home late at night on the subway after evening classes at Pace U. in lower Manhattan or even leaving a girlfriend in midtown to return home to my apt in Queens, NY. In today's world, evidently the latest thing on TV are the "Investigative Reports" of crimes that have taken place in the past 20 or so yrs. These reports send shivers down my spine as I see them about a young woman who went out to meet her girlfriends at a gathering place for folks to get together, and invariably the young woman ends up murdered. I remember walking down the street after getting off the subway & listening for footsteps behind me, but I never heard any. I returned home to my apt & walked my dog, I never met any strangers on the street. I would take the elevator up to my 5th floor apt & it was just me & the dog. My analysis is that I was protected, I don't know why, but I believe that I was being protected for the bigger things God had in store for me (totally unbeknowst to me at the time & I still am in disbelief today). The "bigger" thing(s) were I got married to a man, who became ill about 8/9 yrs after our wedding (I didn't realize the full enormity of the phrase - in sickness & in health). Then 3 yrs ago, his Mom had a stroke, we moved in to their home (& still live here with the father) & cared for the Mom/Dad. I do question why, what is this for, I have rationalized that I/we are doing the Lord's work, caring for those, who are otherwise forgotten (even by my brother-in-law) and as the priest says at Mass, that we are not to be served, but we are to serve. In essence we are serving Christ, representing Him, as we serve/tend to those in need. Why are the innocents so heinously treated, as in the CT shootings, I do not know. I believe that as survivors that we should take responsibility and work towards educating others on the safe handeling of the weapons & perhaps get stricter laws enforced. That we should not take lightly the off-handed comments made by those who think they have a "right" to own that weapon. There is no way we can eliminate the pain the families of those victims feel/have for the rest of their lives. What we "as survivors" can do is to thank God for protecting us from the danger we avoided, try to do what we can to make the world better by being good, kind & thoughtful (even when we wonder WHY) and trust in the wisdom of God's plan, for His ways are not our ways, nor are our ways His ways. I hope I answered your question, for I too, have felt that I have walked under a "safe umbrella" that kept me from harm, etc, you have confirmed, for me, that those moments of danger I was protected from were not coincedences, but times I was protected from harm for reasons known only to God & a minute glimpse, for me, of perhaps the bigger picture. Take care, I wish you well, have a Happy New Year & know that all is well. Sincerely, Ginger

This isn't related to the story: I LOVE Ed's hair!!!