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OUTSTANDING! OUTSTANDING! I wish that he were alive today! I have read his books and I do my best to live as he suggests. He is most, most inspirational. Most inspirational~ I wish he were around today. God bless him always!

Thank you very much for this email sent with all these reminders of my hero, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. I knew him when I was 29 years old in Lima, Peru. Now I am almost 65 next month, but I have learned all the lessons he gave to us. Now I live in Toronto, Canada since 1988.

Please keep up this wonderful work to send this beautiful information of this great person.

Javier Franco

his quotes really inspires people on how to solve thier problems and get better in life

''The Power of Positive Thinking'' helped me to change my pessimistic attitudes.Thanks to Dr.Norman because he inspired me to read the BIBLE and changed myself.the affirmation that was written in his book is very effective to overcome life's challenges.He taught me how to think positively.Thank you very much Dr.Norman Vincent Peale.God bless us all!

Bring Back Dr Peale's Daily Prayer. You promised to do so last year and it would take an experienced web professional 30 minutes, if that much, to add it to the web site.
Lloyd Montgomery