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The video is not working unable to watch the great man of God

Hi Paul. It's playing for us and we've received no other complaints about it not working. You may have an app or add-on in your browser that is blocking it.

Dr.Peale really changed my life in his popular book "power of positive thinking" God bless you
Albert, Nigeria

I wish I can be happy and free and live and live life everyday. Can you send a prayer to God for me please and thank you.

We would encourage you to also post your request at, where a trained volunteer will pray for your concerns and struggles.
Thanks for your service, Bill, and for sharing that story of your personal encounter with Dr. Peale.

I wish you had closed captions. I am deaf and cannot hear without them. Thanks for considering it. (The Utube voice recognition captions are better than nothing, at least they give a toehold. I am working on my lipreading skills and the voice recognition captions help because they give the sounds I cannot "read."

Read ur email boutUtube voice recognition are better than nothing..i am forwarding ur email to my business associate, her daughter is finishing finals and getting her masters degree to help people like yourself who are are in my prayers,to God Our Father and Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ+Grace+Blessings+Love+Peace,Pearl

Thank you for your feedback. We hope to address this situation one day soon.

Am new to this web site. I met Dr. Peale at his Church, The Little Church Around The Corner in New York City in 1957 while I was in the Marine Corps on leave at home in Utica NY. Was being assigned to Okinawa at the time. I went to visit Dr Peale and had a short visit with the great man. He signed my travel plan and said a prayer for me to have a safe journey. An amazing individual. He never needed a microphone as his voice boomed out and up no problem. Thanks and will listen to him anytime I can Bill Wallace Am now 73 and retired Air Force

It is good to hear of another person who has so appreciated Dr. Peale. I never had the blessing of meeting the great man, but his teachings have helped me more than any other. I am 77 and followed him since my early years. He was a great man of God.