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I'm looking for a message from God and I hope to find it in and movies, videos, readings, or conversations I can have with spiritual people such as Dr. Peale.

I am truly blessed to have found this website. I stays on my PC for hours upon hours, but it all adds ups to hopeless at the end of the day. I thank God that I have found a website that has inspired me to rededicate my life and passion for Christ. It all started this morning as I was on a fast that I have not been on in years. Fasting is not something that I do. However, after speaking with my daughter on last night we both along with another daughter decided to fast today. While cleaning last night I discover a booklet written by Dr Peale entitled "Thought Conditioners". Yes I read it. I have a library of spiritual books but the Prince of Peace lead me to the one that was on my floor. I really cannot recall how I came to possess it. Yet, I am glad that I have it. The enemy has been bombarding me with things. There were times I just want to feel sorry for myself. However, I regrouped and knew that the Lord is still in control. Therefore, I feel, this book I discovered on my floor while cleaning was confirmation from on high. Its like the Father of all creation speaking to me through His Word through Dr. Peale. I have found my favorite website. Again I thank God and you Dr. Peale!

God Bless, Princess