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You are a CHAMPION! Thank you so much for your words and deeds of inspiration! I am a disabled veteran, confined to home 85% of the time. I never felt sorry for myself, but rather always thank God that He blesses me with the grace and humble spirit to do the new work he has laid out before me. God protects me from my enemies and shows me who to trust. He led me to a new home, a church that is open and affirming to GLBT, and a new sweetheart that I hope to marry some day.
Congratulations on completing your new book, I am sure it is fabulous. Have a memorable Christmas and stay energized for a new year that is ripe with new and exciting opportunities for you.
Sharon Stewart
Alpena, MI

J.R., what a blessing you are! May God continue to bless you and uplift others through your testimony. Your positive outlook on life only comes from God and is very contagious.You are a true hero!
God Bless You,

Praise God for you J.R.!! Isn't it totally amazing how, in life, we think we have it rough or things aren't going the way we had hoped or prayed for, and then we hear your words and somehow feel ashamed for bemoaning our circumstances. Our God is a Mighty God and even in our toughest, roughest times we catch a glimpse of His beautiful face just before we feel as if we cannot take another single step! Thank you so much for your beautiful words of encouragement and hope that can only come from a personal experience of loss, recovery and finally hope-filled grace! I know God is so proud to call you His son.....

Lisa A. Barker :)

Your story is touching,extraordinary and may God continue giving you the strength to comfort and support and provide healing words to others.amen.Minerva Rivera