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After reading the Jan.2012 issue ofGuideposts, I picked up "Baby Blessed and Yesterday Once More" to read. I felt like the Christian love was in her books. Knowing she was a Christian, I felt a real bond. Linda Harris

I have read a few of the Macomber books,was surprised to see the profanity,--disappointed.Can't it be left out.please?

Welcome to the real world! That is just one of the things that makes her stories so "in tune" with all facets of life. It is up to us as to how we grasp her writings and put them to good use. Get out of your imaginary world and you will help people alot more than being disappointed in seeing profanity in print.

I just love Debbie Mccomber! She is so down to earth & also inspiring. I think her books have just the right amount of "sex" in them & she handles it in a very discreet & sweet way. I'm a knitting enthusist, too, & am looking forward to more Blossom Street books as well.
Does Debbie write for Daily Guideposts or Guidepost magazine?

from a struggling writer:
Have you ever thought of writing a book on writing? I like your comment about how to get your writing done for the day. I've been scheduling my time, which is as hard when you have too much time on your hands, as it is when you don't have enough. I'm a list-maker too. Maybe you could write about how lists can help, etc. I look forward to reading it, if and when you write it. Jill-Ayn

I also love your books Debbie! I didn't know you wrote for Guidepost but I have had a subscription for years and years. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stories with me!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Debbie Macomber! You are truly an inspiration! My sister and I LOVE your books and your Daily Guideposts inspirational writings. May the Lord keep blessing you to keep writing.

I love Debbie's books. My mom, sister, and I have been reading her works for years. She is a wonderful author. These video clips are so inspiring! It was great to actually see and hear her after knowing her through her writing.

Thank you, Debbie!!

What happened to The Blossom Street Books?

I have not read the books you are talking about and the ones I have read are not like that. Are you sure you have the right author?

I read Debbies Books , I wish she wrote for Inspired books they leave out the sex ! I hate reading books that go into detail about what God meant to be keep private . other wise he would of had everyone haveing sex and just like rabbits and reproducing no love at all E'm sounds kinda like what this world has turned too . you see it all over tv and read it everywhere . no wonder kids are having kids just my thought .