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Please pray that our lord will heal my body, also heal my son Timothy'body. Pray that my son Daniel come home. Have not seem him in about 4 or 5 years.Please I need to see my son. I thank god for allowing youall to get in touch with me. PLease tell sweet jesus about me, Timothy, and Daniel! Pray for us now please, PLease, Please!

I enjoy your speaking demeanor. No fire and brimstone -- you will burn in hell type jargon. I heard a lot of that bunk growing up. It fails to inspire. :). So many thanks.

Thank you for your messages on prayer. I am a believer and have been praying for years for my brother Rick to be healed of cancer. He has recently come back to the church (Catholic). He's pretty much bedridden but on Sunday someone brings him communion and the priest visits him every first Friday. He just doesn't believe that God wants to heal him. I will keep praying for him. We did get him out to dinner the other night. While driving into the parking lot in the rain a man was walking down a grassy slope. We noticed he had two prosthetic legs and was moving strangly. When he got to the parking lot he fell. The man who was driving our car got out and picked him up. The man spoke with much difficulty and told Mike that he had cerebral palsey. He said to Mike, "God bless you". He wouldn't accept any other help and went slowly on his way. In the restaurant my brother Rick said he was praying for that man. He said, "you know, what I am going through is nothing compared to him." I believe God put that man in our path to teach us a lesson, especially Rick. Praise God that Rick is not in much pain even though he cannot drive any more and has to walk with a walker. His life is not as difficult as that precious stranger. God be with both of them.

These messages are wonderful. God bless you Rev.and may he give more more wisdom and knowledge of his understanding.

I love these messages