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Listening to Joel on Sundays help me make it through the week. He is like my medication for the week. Never miss Joel on Sundays @ 7:00 in Louisiana. I love him so much.

I very recently became a grieving widow (2 months). I talk with God constantly - seek HIS comfort and love all the time - or I would never make it through the day. I thank HIM for being there for me - Praise him for his Love and Grace. HIS strength is perfect when our strength is gone. The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you. Just talk to HIM and ask him. HE will be there for you. HE promises.

I love your joy. I would also like to hear you talk more about Jesus' gift on the cross and how we need to accept Him and His Gift for our Salvation.

I found, many years ago, that talking to God throughout the
day to be one of the biggest stress busters there is. And,
actually, when times get tough, the best way to release
stress and build faith is to not only talk to Him all day long
but to PRAISE Him for everything - I thank Him for running
water, for a comfortable bed, for a warm home, etc. etc. etc.
At the same time you can pray for those who are need of those
same things and what are the best ways for you to share from
where you are.

The Best Pastor Ever.
We Love you and Victoria,
Sending Love to you all at Lakewood Church, from Indiana

Joel I know you get a lot of flak from the world because they can't deal with your happiness. I am glad and blessed to often see the 'Smiling Preacher'. Thank you for reminding me to keep the lines of communication with God constantly open

so so true. God bless you all who read this message.

Thank You, Joel Osteen, for the advice you have given me over the years. Thank you, thank you. I am very greatful for your commentaries on spiritual living, the focus of prayer. Michael Luna

Thank you for this and thany YOU,God for Guideposts and Joel.

Joel is another gift to us from our awesome God.

Always full of wisdom...Listening to Joel is like vitamins for the brain. :)


Very good, I needed to hear this. Thank you.

very good