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A great testImony from someone who has the influence to do so! One's life should be one's testimony in action.

A beautiful story with much faith.

I loved hearing Alan Jackson's song, it really touched my heart. The story of Mark Wahlberg was great to hear. We need to hear more about people of his status, who believe in Christ and what he has done in their lives. All we hear or see about people in the limelight is bad stuff. His story gives me hope to see they are not ashamed of their faith and are willing to come forward and tell everyone about it. He and others could make a big difference in this world by just acknowledging their beliefs, because people listen and look up to them. God Bless you Mark Whalberg . And think you Guidepost for your inspiring work and words.

With sincere gratitude,

Laura Speer

GOD is a loving, forgiving, faith-"full", life-saving GOD and anytime I can hear, read or see a testimony, my own faith is edified, ENveloped and enlightened. I know that no problem is too hard for GOD. What HE does for others, HE will do for me and HE has and will continue to.