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You know I am going through a hard time right now with my Fiance because of our past and how we treated one another and we are trying very hard to move forward. I believe the night we met was meant to be because of the path I was walking down and he helped me. This story is helping me move forward with strong faith in God and to look at the bigger picture in the end. I cannot wait to read the book!!!


It's available through any bookstore, including our own. Follow the Shop link above and search on "the vow."

The movie was a huge disappointment after reading the book. The movie wasn't near as interesting as the true story. Why did they have the characters doing and talking in ways that opposed the values of the true characters. Their deep personal faith in Jesus is on practically every page of the book and to totally leave that out of the movie left very little hope for struggling marriages. I don't understand how the Carpenters could have approved this movie - did they not have a say in it? I'm so thankful I didn't pay to see this - I got a free b'day movie pass. The book is a hundred times better - don't waste your money on the movie - buy the book instead.

The world does not expect you to keep your word because those of the world do not! I'm glad that you can be a good example - thanks for pointing to the Lord for helping you working through the commitment.

This is such an inspiring true story that I plan of reading the book.
Love thru JESUS !