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Rick Hamlin, author of 10 Prayers You Can't Live Without

Lenten Prayer Tips: A Special Time and Place

Rick Hamlin explains how choosing a place to pray each day can enrich your prayer life.

Group dances together in the middle of town's square

Youth Group Shares God's Love Through Dance

This Armenian group spread the word of God through a flash mob and it was amazing.

Principal sitting down for interview

Inspiring Story of a Man Fulfilling His Lifelong Dream

Gabe Sonnier was his school's janitor, but with a lot of hard work he's now its principal.

Dog rejects girl's kiss

So Funny! These Pets Reject Their Owners' Kisses

Pets are said to love us unconditionally, but these cats and dogs just don't like PDAs.

Squirrel tries to hide nuts in dog's fur

Adorable Squirrel Tries to Hide His Food in an Unusual Place

This creative critter's proposed stash doesn't prove to be the best location for his acorn.

Olympian skier Gus Kenworthy at Times Square

Gus Kenworthy on Giving One's Best

Gus Kenworthy, silver medalist in slopestyle skiing, shares words that have inspired him.

Woman sitting and talking to camera

Mother with Cancer Lives Through Faith


This woman's battle with cancer and her positive outlook on life will bring you to tears. 


Teen sings original song in front of the judges.

Inspiring American Idol Audition Will Leave You In Tears

This teen auditions for American Idol with a song she wrote for her late grandfather.

An outstretched hand holding a small rock shaped like a heart

An Inspiring Lesson from the Heart

Watch as an observant beachcomber finds hearts everywhere she looks.

A man in a blue shirt praying

Mysterious Ways: Let There Be Heat

Here's an amusing and inspiring tale of a heating repairman's prayer for guidance.

Couple Dancing to Bob Marley's "This is Love"

Sweet Couple Shares Their Love Through Dance

This couple's dance to Bob Marley's "This is Love" will put a smile on your face.

Man and woman embracing as they watch children play.

God Blessed this Couple with the Family They Always Wanted

This couple nearly gave up on having a family, but God had other plans for them.

Kitten drinking from kitchen sink

Cute Alert! Kitty Has a Unique Way of Quenching His Thirst

You'll LOL watching this adorable feline's funny way of drinking from the faucet.

Photographer lays in the sand as seal climbs on top of him.

Loving Seal Pups Just Want to Cuddle

Watch this photographer get up close and personal with a couple of curious seals.

Group stands on stage after performance

Britain's Got Talent Winners Awe Judges With Inspiring Performance


Watch as this shadow group theatre's semi-final audition brings the judges to tears. 


Woman gives puppy a kiss.

Rescue Angel

Thanks to this Florida animal rescuer, 500 stray dogs find loving homes each year.  

Randy Jackson sings before a live audience.

Alan Jackson: Standing on the Promises

Be inspired by country singer Alan Jackson's rendition of "Standing on the Promises."

Reverend Pablo Diaz

Prayer Produces Wonderful Results

Rev. Pablo Diaz shares how you can use prayer to bring positive changes to your life.

Nursel Aydin poses with a plate of her homemade baklava.

How to Make Baklava at Home

Nursel Aydin shares tips for making delectable baklava at home.

ABBA's Agnetha Faltskog performs "Thank You for the Music"

ABBA: Thank You for the Music

ABBA's "Thank You for the Music" inspired her to rebuild her lost LP collection.

Teen sits on the bleachers holding a signed basketball.

Heavenly Hoops

A miraculous shot with an assist from a friend helped this basketball team win the game.

Raymond J. Cleveland

Ninety Years of Wisdom and Peace

A man, inspired by his elderly neighbor, asks Ray for his secret to a long, happy life.