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John Buckland and Troy Marcum

Superheroes on the Spot

You'll cheer as Batman and Captain America rescue a cat trapped in a burning house.

A cute cat next to a Christmas stocking

A Soldier's Sign

A Christmas message from beyond, received by a grieving mother from her beloved son.

Scott Moses, manager of the Nervous Dog coffee shop in Stow, Ohio

Grounds for Forgiveness

Baristas demonstrate Christmas spirit by collecting food for a man who stole their tips.

A statue of Shakespeare's Juliet Capulet

The House That Inspired Shakespeare

Pay a visit to the house in Verona, Italy, where, according to legend, Juliet Capulet lived.

The five members of Pentatonix sing a capella in the open air.

Pentatonix: Little Drummer Boy

Listen as these five gifted singers offer an a capella version of "The Little Drummer Boy."

WestJet's Santa hugs a grateful traveler.

Santa Serves Up Christmas Surprises

Watch as WestJet employees and Santa make passengers' dreams come true.

Veronique Pozner

Moving Forward Toward Forgiveness

The mother of a young Sandy Hook victim discusses the difficult path to forgiveness.

A Christmas flash mob performs in a Utah mall.

American Festival Choir: Christmas Medley

This flash mob performance at a Utah mall will fill you with Christmas spirit!

Max Lucado

Max Lucado: The Greatest Christmas Gift

Pastor and author Max Lucado reminds us that the essence of Christmas is God's peace.

A house festooned with an amazing display of holiday lights

An Inspiring Interpretation of "Carol of the Bells"

Be amazed by this display of holiday lights, arranged to accompany "Carol of the Bells."

A groom, along with family and friends, performs for his bride at their wedding.

To Life! A Wedding Toast Like No Other

A bride is treated to a Broadway-style production number by family and friends.

Adorable and easy-to-make coffee filter angels.

Easy-to-Make Angel Ornaments

Deck the halls and spread some holiday cheer with these cute coffee-filter angels.

Isaac Theil kindly lends a shoulder for an unnamed fellow commuter to rest on.

A Mensch's Moving Moment

Witness this small moment of kindness between two strangers on the NYC subway.
Rick Elias shares his experiences with an audience.

Life Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Rick Elias shares three things he learned when he thought he would die in a plane crash.
Phyllis Rawlins

A Miracle in the Aftermath of Tragedy

A widow whose home was destroyed finds her husband's wedding band in the rubble.

A young elephant floundering in a water hole is rescued by its family.

Elephants Rescue One of Their Own

Watch as a young elephant floundering in a water hole is rescued by family members.

Mark Wahlberg while being interviewed by Piers Morgan on CNN

Mark Wahlberg: On Faith and Family

Mark Wahlberg may be a movie bad guy, but he's a believer who goes to church daily.

A shot from above of Mervin the duck

To Mervin the Duck, With Love

Watch a young man's heartwarming video tribute to his pet duck.

A stack of cute kittens

Count the Kittens

Prepare for a cute attack! These kitties are catnapping. How many of them are there?

Toronto's Choir! Choir! Choir! performs Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah."

An Inspiring Performance of "Hallelujah"

A Toronto group known as Choir! Choir! Choir! performs Leonard Cohen's beloved song.

A family of Emperor penguins huddle together in the chill of Antarctica.

Warmth in the Wilds of Antarctica

You'll be charmed by this lovely and funny footage of Emperor penguins in Antarctica.

Heroic bus driver Darnell Barton

A Big Man with a Big Heart

This bus driver came to the rescue of a distraught woman he encountered on the job.