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Easy-to-make paper poinsettias

Do-It-Yourself Poinsettias for Christmas

Associate editor Diana Aydin shows us how to make construction-paper poinsettias.

Carmindy shares her beauty secrets for teens

Carmindy's Make-up Tips for Teens

Carmindy dishes out beauty secrets to boost teen confidence from her new book Bloom.  

Carmindy talks about bullying and her book Bloom

Carmindy's Tips to Prevent Teen Bullying

Carmindy shares tips for parents on how to prevent bullying. 

Hannah Higgins holds her hairbrush while talking about being brave.

This Little Girl with Cancer Has an Inspiring Message for Us All

This 5-year-old girl has an important lesson to teach us when it comes to bravery. 

Boy in Thai commercial

A Life-Changing Act of Kindness

This commercial from Thailand is a beautiful lesson in kindness.

Ty'Ann Brown, OurPrayer Manager, invites you to Thanskgiving Day fo Prayer

Join Us for Thanksgiving Day of Prayer

Let us pray for you and your loved ones on our Thanksgiving Day of Prayer.

Woman in jubilee project video

A Powerful Look at the True Meaning of Beauty

A group of children and adults show how body image changes as we age.

David Wheaton and his Dog

David Wheaton on the Role of Faith in His Career

David Wheaton shares what him inspired to pursue a career as a Christian broadcaster.

Breast Cancer Walkers

Guideposts Celebrates Breast Cancer Survivors at Avon Walk

Hear the inspiring testimonies of people whose lives have been touched by breast cancer

Roxanne Paul

Roxanne Paul: Still Her Little Child

Listen as Roxanne Paul sings a beloved Christmas song, "Still Her Little Child."

Bing Crosby sings in a scene from "White Christmas."

Bing Crosby Sings 'White Christmas'

Enjoy this montage of Bing Crosby singing Irving Berlin's beloved "White Christmas."

Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me

"Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me" tells the story of the singer's 151-city "Goodbye Tour."

A young girl with cystic fibrosis shares the perks of going to the hospital.

Teen Proves Laughter Really Is the Best Medicine

A young girl with cystic fibrosis shows the vaule of positive thinking. 

Ger Dunay, Reese Witherspoon and Arnold Oceng, stars of The Good Lie

Guideposts Chats with 'The Good Lie' Stars Arnold Oceng and Ger Duany

The actors talk about their new film and share their own stories on being children of war. 

Vice President of Ministries, Pablo Diaz

Are You Having Financial Trouble?

Send a prayer request for Financial Breakthrough Day of Prayer, October 22.
Three contestants sing on The Voice Kids

Watch 3 Kids Blow 'The Voice' Judges Away with Their Heavenly Song

Listen as these young singers cover Sarah McLachlan’s "Angel" beautifully.

Woman smiling

What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror?

An all-girl group set out to change the way women feel when they look in the mirror. 

Devon Still with daughter Leah in the car

An NFL Star Gives His Daughter the Cutest Pep Talk Ever

 Cincinnati Bengals star Devon Still shares a special moment with his daughter. 

Puppy playing with bubble

This Little Puppy Having Fun with Bubbles Will Brighten Your Day

Watch as this little guy discovers bubble for the first time. It's cuteness overload. 

Amy Grant on the Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb and Rita Wilson.

Listen To Amy Grant's Inspiring New Song, 'Welcome Yourself'

Amy Grant debuts a song for Breast Cancer Awareness Month on the TODAY show.

Hollywood producer Devon Franklin

DeVon Franklin's 'Annie' Remake Hits Theaters Soon

Producer DeVon Franklin discusses some of the exciting projects he has in the works.

The Song Movie stars Alan Powell and Ali Faulkner

Guideposts Chats With 'The Song' Stars Ali Faulkner and Alan Powell

The stars sat down with Guideposts to share the inspiring message of their new film.