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Angels were present at the creation of our world and will be there at the end.

Illuminating Angels: The Last Judgement

See what part heavenly angels play in the Last Judgement.

Robert J. Morgan, who talks about heavenly angels and earth angels

Biblical Angels and Mysterious Strangers

Robert J. Morgan, pastor and author, discusses heavenly angels and earth angels.

Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen: On Prayer

The pastor of Lakewood Church encourages us to pray to God throughout the day in an informal way.

Pastor and author Joel Osteen offers an inspiring preview of his new book.

Joel Osteen Talks About Joy, Service and Gratitude

The pastor of Lakewood Church offers an inspiring preview of his new book, Every Day a Friday.

Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth's Rock-Solid Faith

The popular star talks about her new album, her new television show, and her faith.

Peola Hicks on How to Pray the Lord's Prayer

Prayer FAQs: How to Pray the Lord's Prayer

Energize your prayer journey with the Lord's Prayer.

Bestselling author Debbie Macomber

Debbie Macomber Shares Her Prayer Tips

Bestselling author Debbie Macomber shares what inspires her prayer life.

Warrior Angels

Illuminating Angels: Warrior Angels

Discover how Warrior Angels protect us from the forces of evil.

Inspirational stories: How New York City couples met

How We Met

We took to the streets of New York City to find inspiring stories about how people found the loves of their lives.

Fran Buss, an inspiring retiree who took up tennis in retirement

Generation Inspiration: Fran Buss

In retirement, Fran Buss took up tennis for exercise and fun!

Jim Myers, the 100-year-old man who found a calling in stained glass

Generation Inspiration: Jim Myers

At 100 years old, Jim Myers is still creating beautiful art.

Hockey's most inspirational stories

Mike Emrick's Most Inspirational Sports Memories

Watch long-time New Jersey Devils announcer Mike Emrick talk about the most inspiring moments in his career!

Rick Hamlin prays the Psalms

Pray the Psalms: Psalm 125

Watch as Rick Hamlin takes you through Psalm 125.

Bel Kaufman

Generation Inspiration: Bel Kaufman

Meet a 100-year-old who teaches younger generations about life and humor.

Jimmy Peña

Jimmy Peña: Prayer and Fitness

Fitness expert Jimmy Peña talks about how prayer and faith can play an active role in any fitness and wellness regimen.

Dream angels visiting a sleeping man.

Illuminating Angels: Dream Angels

Even if you've never encountered an angel in your everyday life, you may have met one in a dream.

Tim Sanders shares positive thinking tips

Tim Sanders: Positive Thinking Tips

Author Tim Sanders shares positive thinking tips.

Victoria Clark

Victoria Clark on Sister Act: The Musical

How faith, prayer and God come into play in this Broadway musical.

Summer Prayer

Summer Prayer

Use this prayer to connect to the beauty of the world around you.

Victoria Clark talks about positive thinking

Sister Act's Victoria Clark on the Power of Positive Thinking

Victoria Clark shares how she was inspired to adopt the practice of positive thinking.

Mysterious Ways with Edward Grinnan

Mysterious Ways: A Grandmother's Wish

A woman's fervent desire to be a grandmother is addressed in a miraculous way.

Mysterious Ways with Edward Grinnan

Mysterious Ways: Far from Home

Thousands of miles from home, an inexplicable coincidence brings hope to an airline passenger.