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Sportscaster Jim Nantz and his father

Jim Nantz: My Father's Life Lessons

Sportscaster Jim Nantz talks about the valuable advice he got from his dad and the most important thing to remember if a loved one has Alzheimer's.

Nia Vardalos shares her positive thinking tip.

Nia Vardalos Shares the Best Advice She Ever Got

This well-known actress shares a few words of wisdom to inspire others.

Nia Vardalos tells the inspiring tale of meeting her adopted daughter.

Nia Vardalos Sees Daughter for First Time

With much hope, faith and positive thinking, adoption was the perfect option for Nia Vardalos.

Tim Sanders on positive thinking

Tim Sanders' Favorite Positive Thinking Books

Author Tim Sanders discusses The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

The Papal Choir performs at the Beatification of John Paul II

The Papal Choir: God's Love Inspires Choir Music

The Choir of the Pope's Diocese recently gave concerts in the U. S. Choir director Monsignor Marco Frisina stopped by  Guideposts to talk about music, faith and creativity.

A manatee from the Big Ben Manatee Sanctuary

Warm Water Refuge for Manatees

A cloes- up look at the manate sanctuary set up by a Florida power station.

An angel comforting someone

Illuminating Angels: Comforting Angels

Learn how angels comfort us by bringing God’s love to us.

Sam Bracken holding his book that tells his inspiring story

Motivational Story: Advice from Sam Bracken

The author shares the inspiring story of how he went from homeless teen to successful adult.

Bobby, a retired New York City carriage horse

Welcome to Equine Advocates' Horse Sanctuary

Abused and retired horses find a peaceful life at an upstate New York farm.

Edward Grinnan

Edward Grinnan: Create a Change Vision Statement

Edward Grinnan details the process of using your imagination to help achieve personal growth.

picture of flowers: picture of flowers: (Photo credit: Klaus Lucka)

Spring Flower Meditation

Take a moment to be inspired by the beauty of the season’s floral feast.

Mike Emrick on Norman Vincent Peale

Mike Emrick on Norman Vincent Peale

Hockey announcer talks about how the founder of positive thinking influenced his life.

Generation Inspiration: Ida Keeling

95 and still running strong!

The inspiring story of New York Says Thank You

New York Says 'Thank You'

An inspiring documentary follows New Yorkers as they travel the U.S. helping others.

Debbie Macomber discusses the impact of generosity on our lives.

A Conversation with Debbie Macomber

In this series of videos, Debbie Macomber discusses the impact of generosity on our lives.

Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro

Tour the Cake Boss' Bakery

Cake Boss star Buddy Valastro shows off his famous bakery, and the community that inspired it.

Messenger Angels make sure God hears our prayers

Illuminating Angels: Messenger Angels

Messenger Angels make sure God hears our prayers, and that his words reach us on earth.

Edward Grinnan, The Promise of Hope

The Promise of Hope, Chapter 9: Love

Guideposts editor-in-chief Edward Grinnan's inspiring story of love, the final key to personal growth.

Edward Grinnan, Motivational Inspiring Stories on Resilience

The Promise of Hope, Chapter 8: Resilience

Edward Grinnan's inspiring talk about the eighth key element of personal growth—resilience.

Todd and Colton Burpo discuss Colton's experience with the afterlife.

A Child's Visit to Heaven

Eleven-year-old Colton Burpo recounts his experience with the afterlife, the basis of the new movie Heaven Is for Real, in theatres now.

Todd Burpo talks about his son's afterlife experience and the book they wrote.

Todd Burpo: How the Book Came to Be

Todd Burpo talks about his son's afterlife experience and how they came to write a book about it.

Mary Beth Chapman's motivational advice for coping with depression

Mary Beth Chapman on Seeking Help for Depression

Mary Beth Chapman shares motivational advice for coping with depression.