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Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith: Be a Blessing

Christian singer Michael W. Smith on how to be a blessing.

River Jordan

River Jordan: Praying for Strangers Cards

Be inspired by River Jordan’s resolution to pray for a stranger each day.

Edward Grinnan The Promise of Hope: Inspiring Stories on Acceptance

The Promise of Hope, Chapter 7: Acceptance

Edward Grinnan shares the seventh key element of personal growth from his book, The Promise of Hope.

Faith in the first year of motherhood

Daily Devotionals for First-Time Moms

How to keep up a relationship with God during this very special year!

Edward Grinnan, The Promise of Hope - the power of faith

The Promise of Hope: Inspirational Stories on Faith

Edward Grinnan talks about the role faith can play in motivation and personal growth, which he writes about in his new book, The Promise of Hope.

Backlit pink tulips

Easter Prayer

Let this online meditation lift your spirits and bring you hope and comfort.

Sanjay Gupta

Conversations with Sanjay Gupta

CNN reporter and doctor Sanjay Gupta talks with about work, faith and life.

Illuminating Angels: Seraphim

Illuminating Angels: Seraphim

Learn about the highest order of angels—those who burn bright with divine love.

Michael W. Smith

Michael W. Smith: Hope Can Change the World

Christian recording artist Michael W. Smith on the inspiration behind his new book.

Kent Annan on honest faith

Honest Faith in Haiti

The co-director of Haiti Relief talks about how his faith changed after the Haiti earthquake.

Eagle in Florida bird sanctuary

America's Largest Bird Sanctuary

Take an inspiring tour of the largest bird hospital in America, SunCoast Seabird Sanctuary.

Sounds of Hope

Sounds of Hope: Michael W. Smith

Christian music artist Michael W. Smith talks about his new album and touring with Amy Grant.

Don Piper on prayer

Don Piper: I Am an Answered Prayer

Bestselling author Don Piper talks about his experiences with prayer.

Rick Hamlin

Rick Hamlin Sings Irish Ballad Danny Boy

Rick Hamlin sings a famous Irish ballad for St. Patrick's Day.

World War II pilot Lillian Yonally shares her inspiring story

Generation Inspiration: Lillian Yonally

Meet one of the female airforce pilots during World War II and listen to her inspiring story.

Cherub angels are the guardians of God’s secrets.

Illuminating Angels: Cherubs

Discover the fascinating history of cherub angels, the guardians of God’s secrets.

Edward Grinnan and his Golden RetrieverMillie

Promise of Hope: Why Edward Chose to Share His Story

Guideposts Editor-in-Chief Edward Grinnan talks about how The Promise of Hope came to be.

Don Piper's encounter with an angel

Don Piper: Holding the Hand of an Angel

Bestselling author Don Piper describes his encounter with an angel after a car accident.

Sophy Burnham

A Conversation with Sophy Burnham

Sophy Burnham discusses her book "A Book of Angels" and the role intuition plays in our lives.

Kimberly Onufrock-Bracco makes Grandmother's Yeast Bread

Making Grandmother's Yeast Bread

A family favorite that's been passed down through the generations!

Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell's Favorite Roles

Andie MacDowell reveals which of her screen roles were her favorites.

The Serenity Prayer - Hands Open in Prayer

The Serenity Prayer

Find courage and strength in the Serenity Prayer.