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The dogs frolic in the fountain

Dogs Frolic in Fountain

Cute Attack! Watch as these pups beat the heat, splish-splashing to their hearts' content!

A photograph of Kristina Chesterman

Completing Kristina's Bucket List

A college student, killed by a drunk driver, inspires her parents and others to fulfill her dreams.

A gorgeous shot of a cloud filled sky at sunrise

Jane Siberry and KD Lang: Calling All Angels

Listen as the two popular vocalists team up to perform a song of prayer, hope and faith.

Chuck Feeney

The World's Most Generous Man?

Chuck Feeney has donated billions of dollars to worthy causes around the world.

Daughter sings "Let It Go" together with father.

Adorable Father & Daughter Duet

Watch this adorable father and daughter remix of "Let It Go."

Reba McEntire sings, with hands clasped as if in prayer.

Reba McEntire: Pray for Peace

Listen as the singer and actress performs the inspiring song she has called "a gift from God."

A doctor makes a toddler giggle even as he gives him a shot.

The World's Best Bedside Manner

This pediatrician will have you giggling right along with his young patient.

Kathryn DiMaria does some welding on her 1986 Pontiac Fiero.

A Talented Teen with an Unlikely Dream

Kathryn DiMaria, 14, is rebuilding a 1986 Pontiac Fiero, in hopes of driving it on her 16th birthday.

The dolphin approaches the beckoning diver.

Dolphin Comes to Diver for Help

Watch this video of a dolphin seeking help in freeing himself from a fishing line.

Travis Pratt auditions for "America's Got Talent"

An Angel's Voice from an Unlikely Source

Have some tissues ready! Travis Pratt's "America's Got Talent" audition will amaze you.

Perpetuum Jazzile perform "True Colors."

Perpetuum Jazzile's Remake of "True Colors"

Watch this choir sing an stunning rendition of this popular song.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams on Stroke Prevention

Singer Michelle Williams shares tips on stroke prevention and treatment.

An artist's rendering of Jack's handwritten note of apology

Forthright and Forgiven

I couldn't afford to pay for the damage I'd caused, but I had to own up to my mistake.

Baby swans float along on their mother's back.

All Aboard!

Watch a batch of cute cygnets hitch a ride on the back of their very accommodating mama.
A guitarist in Africa takes part in a recording of "La Bamba."

Around the World with "La Bamba"

Listen as musicians around the world join in on a peformance of the song "La Bamba."

A woman holds up a handwritten sign, reading "You never listened to me."

Signs of Forgiveness

This video asks us to consider the wrongs we've endured–and our responses to them.

Lauryn thanks the amazing group who saved her life.

Saved by Angels

Weighing just 79 pounds, Lauryn Lax was deathly ill when eight strangers intervened.

The Vault's unique set up where customers serve themselves coffee.

An Experiment in Honesty

The Vault is a self-service coffee shop where patrons pay by the honor system.

Griffin encourages others to follow their dreams no matter what.

Finding Hope Through Education

Meet a homeless teen who became the valedictorian of his high school class.

An elk pulls a marmot out of a water tank with it's mouth.

Meet an Unlikely Hero

Watch as baffled Idaho zoo officials discover the reason for an elk's amazing behavior. 

Blade embraces DD with love and gratitude.

Vet Finds Healing in an Unlikely Friend

Watch a veteran's touching story of how a dog saved him from committing suicide.

Jake expresses support for David Quessenberry, who's also battling lymphoma.

Touching Words of Advice

Watch this seven-year-old send inspirational advice to a football player battling cancer.