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A puppy nuzzles an office worker

Dogs Rescue Office Workers

Learn about how dogs rescue office workers via the Human Walking program.

Jackie sings her heart out on stage.

An Astounding Performance of "Somewhere"

Watch and listen as Jackie Evancho sings this classic song with Barbra Streisand.

A homeless man thanks Kasonja for her kindness.

Unwavering Kindness

Watch this inspiring story of a woman who ministers to Chicago's homeless population.

Elliot being nourished and loved by his mother.

God Shows His Grace Through This Baby Boy

Watch this moving story of a baby who inspired millions despite living just 99 days.

This puppy showers her owner with kisses.

An Ecstatic Reunion

Watch this puppy shower her owner with kisses when he returns after six months away.

Kevin and Yurtie reunited.

A Final Wish Fulfilled

Watch as a homeless man's dying wish is granted: seeing his dog one last time.

Michelle dances as she sings Yes to Jesus.

Destiny's Child Reunites for This Upbeat Gospel Song

Watch Michelle Williams, Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland sing out "Yes to Jesus."

John recollects saving Roxie as his number one achievement.

An Unforgettable Hero

Watch John reunite with the little girl who made him an inspiring hero. 

Kate and Pippin cuddle up in the back yard.

Friendship at First Sight

Watch this affectionate and unlikely relationship between a deer and a dog.

Ruuxa and Raina become unlikely friends.

Cheetah's Best Friend

Cute alert! Watch as an abandoned baby cheetah finds an unlikely companion.

This baby fox kisses a man's hand in gratitude.

Don't Miss This Display of Gratitude

A baby fox whose head was stuck in a can shows appreciation to the man who rescued him.

Tim embraces a customer for hug-a-thon.

A Loving Hug-a-Thon

Watch as Tim Harris, who lives with Down syndrome, raises money with his hugs.

A group of adorable geese march across town.

A Marching Gaggle of Geese

Cute attack!  Watch as these geese parade down a street in the Netherlands.

Kat dances as she guides drivers in the right direction.

Newtown's Dancing Crossing Guard

Watch this crossing guard dance as she works, spreading joyous laughter along the way.

Ady embraces her daughter's killer.

The Power of Forgiveness

Watch this Florida mother hug her daughter's killer, in an inspiring act of forgiveness.

Mikey sings a faith-filled song, inspired by Corinthians 13:4.

This Song Will Bring You to Tears

Watch as this young man transforms Corinthians 13:4 into a beautiful song of faith.

Clark takes a breathtaking photo of a massive wave.

The Beauty of Waves

Watch as this surfer shares his passion for and love of ocean photography. 

Dave Hickman chats with Mary Ellen Suey, whose life he saved in 1955.

An Overdue Hug for a Hero

Watch as Dave Hickman is reunited with the woman he rescued as a newborn–in 1955!

Rick Hamlin

Experiencing the Bible in a New Way

Rick Hamlin discusses the insights gained from a contemporary translation of the Bible.

Matt Zeller (left) and Janis Shinwari

A Friendship Forged Under Fire

Matt Zeller and Janis Shinwari describe how they forged such a strong bond in Afghanistan.

An artist's rendering of the door-to-door salesman

The Job That Changed My Life

An door-to-door angel's lessons last a lifetime for a young boy he takes under his wing.

Aretha Franklin: What a Friend We Have in Jesus

Listen to Aretha Franklin's rendition of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus."