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Zoey embraces grandma with open arms.

A Welcome Home to Remember

Watch this baby monkey's reaction to Grandma's return. Oh, to be loved so wildly!

Dillie rests comfortably in her new home.

Hope on Hooves

Watch Melanie and her pet deer, Dillie, change each other's lives.

This cat cuddles with the horse.

Barn Cuddle

Watch as two unlikely friends share a sweet moment.

Roma Downey talking about "Son of God" and her Upcoming Projects

Roma Downey on "Son of God" and Upcoming Projects

Roma Downey talks about the movie “Son of God” and the value of faith-based projects.

Actress Roma Downey

Roma Downey on Prayer

The actress talks about prayer and the power of her role on "Touched by an Angel."

This cat isn't moving despite the dog's efforts.

Cats Move In

A hilarious montage of cats claiming dogs' beds and the pups' largely ineffectual efforts to get them off.

Olivia prepares to sing.

Little Girl Amazes Shaq With Her Talent

Olivia Kay sings "Rolling in the Deep" on national TV, thanks to Shaquille O'Neal, former NBA star and current sports analyst.

A teenager helps an elderly man to use facebook.

Bridge-Building Between Generations

Cyber-Seniors is a documentary about teens helping seniors to use social media.

A father shows his unconditional love.

Celebrating Dads

Watch this heartwarming montage of fatherhood moments, created by Dove.

Hunter enthusiastically high fives Heater, the Dragons mascot

Unexpected Connection

Watch as a deaf boy gets a wonderful surprise when his favorite team's mascot signs with him.

Lacey Sturm reflects on how Jesus saved her from suicide.

Lacey Sturm's Powerful Testimony

Rock singer shares how God saved her from committing suicide.

OurPrayer Manager, Reverend Dr. Peola C. Hicks

Join Us for God's Guidance Day of Prayer

God wants to guide you on life's journey! Send your request for God's Guidance Day of Prayer.

Houston resident Charlie George and his wife

He Will Never Walk Alone

A man trying to remain active as he battles leukemia receives help from his neighbors.

Watch this stray dog drag an injured dog to safety.

A Stray Dog Becomes A Hero

A courageous dog drags an injured pup across a busy highway to safety.

Denzel inspires young actors to protect their gifts.

Denzel Inspires Young Actors

Watch Denzel Washington's speech to young actors on pursuing dreams–they are gifts from God–and setting goals.

Jerry blends in with his undergrad peers.

70-Year-Old Fulfills a Dream

Jerry Reid fulfilled a life-long dream, not only of graduating from college but also of enjoying the college experience to the fullest.

Dana prepares for her wedding.

A Love Story for the Ages

Dana Jackson marries 85-year-old Bill Strauss, the man of her dreams, on her 100th birthday.

Sulo hand-feeds one of his bears.

A Bear's Faithful Friend

Meet the "Bearman" of Finland, who forges unusually strong bonds with orphaned bears.

Ben Pierce is seeing as much as he can while his vision still holds out

A Brave Boy's Bucket List

A boy with deteriorating vision tries to take in as many sights as possible–while he can.

A man passes by a homeless person, not recognizing that she is his cousin.

Seeing the Homeless with New Eyes

This video could make you reexamine your attitudes and behaviors toward the homeless.

Members of the Liberian National Amputee Soccer Team

We Stand Alone

"We Stand Alone" tells the inspiring tale of the Liberian amputee soccer team.

A table with a sign on it, lit by sunlight.

Table for 5

It was our first family trip since Mom's death, and we hoped it would help heal our grief.