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An idea for happiness

Happiness Prescription

Watch this videos for ways to find enjoyment in the simple things in life.

A grateful heart

Grateful: A Song

Nimo Patel and Daniel Nahmod bring together a global cast to sing about our blessings.

911 operator saved her father

An Unusual First Day at Work

Fresh out of training, a Georgia 911 operator takes an emergency call from and for a family member.

Rick Hamlin, author of 10 Prayers You Can't Live Without

Lenten Prayer Tips: Hold a Good Thought

Praying for others deepens your faith and strengthens your relationships with loved ones.

Rick Hamlin, author of 10 Prayers You Can't Live Without

Lenten Prayer Tips: Meditate on a Verse

Selecting a Bible verse to pray each day can help you grow closer to God through His word.

Kelee Katillac and Colette Gauthier

Miracle Makeover: Colette's Home

Kelee Katillac visits a woman with cancer to transform her room into a place of hope.

A woman discusses her choice to adopt

On Loan from Heaven

A woman tells the moving story about her journey toward adopting a child.

Rick Hamlin, author of 10 Prayers You Can't Live Without

Lenten Prayer Tips: Just Five Minutes

A few minutes of quiet time with God can ease your worries and strengthen your faith.

Archangel Michael crushing an evil demon

Illuminating Angels: The Book of Enoch

Learn about the harrowing story of the fallen angels and the heavenly warriors that overcame them.

Illustration of a bail jumper getting arrested.

The Case of the Bail Jumper

Here's an inspiring tale of a bail-bond agent's unlikely encounter with a suicidal man.

A little girl collecting food to be donated receives a contribution.

Rob Leveridge: Let It Live

This song, recorded by a Chicago pastor, will stay with you long after the first listen.

Mark Teixeira giving interview

Faith at First Base

New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira talks about faith and family.

Boy by fire truck

A Special Brotherhood

As a child approaches the end of his short life, firefighters make his dream come true.

Dogs eating ice cream

Adorable Pups Share a Sweet Treat

Giggle alert! Watch why ice-cream loving Daisy has to get her licks in first. 

Puppy playing

Bark Along If You're Happy

A happy dog makes a happy human!

Elderly woman smiling

Years of Kindness Rewarded in a Special Way

This elderly woman gets a huge surprise after years of bringing joy to high school students.

Dog and baby bunny sit next to each other

An Unlikely Friendship

We could all learn something from these unusual animal odd couples.

San Jose Sharks fan Sam Tageson

MVP for a Day

Watch as a young fan with a heart condition take the ice with his favorite hockey team.

Ben Simon, founder of Food Recovery Network, and students boxing up food

Students Turn Leftovers into Meals for the Hungry

A college student discovers how to trim campus food waste and help those in need. 

Reverend Pablo Diaz

Faith in Action

Consider how your life would change if you wholeheartedly trusted the Lord.

Little girl walks home through crowd of fans

A Disney Dream Come True

This community banded together to create a real-life fairytale for a little girl with terminal cancer.

Rick Hamlin, author of 10 Prayers You Can't Live Without

Lenten Prayer Tips: Praying with a Pen

Rick Hamlin shares the benefits of writing down your prayers.