God loves us not for what we do or say or achieve. God loves us for, and sometimes in spite of, who we are.

William Tully

Rector, St. Bartholomew’s Church

Legendary musician Aretha Franklin
Stories of Hope

Remembering Aretha Franklin: The Queen of Soul

Writer Brooke Obie remembers interviewing iconic singer and activist Aretha Franklin in 2013.

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Man praying
Answered Prayers

4 One-Word Prayers

These open-ended prayers offer unexpected blessings from God.

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Kerry learned that you don’t have to be a jock to take care of yourself.
Living Longer, Living Better

A Woman Learns That Running Through Grief Can Be a Spiritual Experience

With her mother recently deceased and her dear friend dealing with cancer, would running bring her the spiritual comfort she sought?

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A woman walks down a dark corridor toward a heavenly light
God's Grace

5 Lessons Learned from Near-Death Experiences

Those who undergo near-death experiences often find their outlooks, their attitudes, their very beliefs are changed. Here are five lessons learned from encounters with the afterlife.

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A group of friends watching a movie outdoors during the summer.

The 5 Most Inspiring Summer Movies of 2018

This summer, we were treated to family-friendly comedies and inspirational dramas that left their mark on our hearts. Here are the 5 films you shouldn’t miss.

A woman's hand reaches out invitingly in a dreamy setting
God's Grace

How to Interpret Dreams About Deceased Loved Ones

Departed family and friends sometimes make appearances in our dreams, but what does it mean when they do? Desiree Cole turned to dream experts for insights.

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A young mother chopping vegetables to eat healthier.
Caregiver Burnout

A Caregiver Makes the Healthy Choice to Change Her Diet

Caring for her mom, she'd seen how diabetes could impact a life. She had to start caring for herself too.

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A young girl smiles as bubbles shes blown cascade down upon her.
God's Grace

The Big Question: Do Miracles Still Happen?

Watch as experts including C. S. Lewis and Billy Graham offer insights on Mysterious Ways magazine's latest Big Question: Do miracles still happen today as they did in Bible times?

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Dealing with pain
Power of Prayer

7 Tools for Living with Chronic Pain

An example of how faith and prayer helps one woman get through her days.

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Dance for Susan was spiritual as well as physical exercise.
Caregiver Burnout

This Caregiver Found God Through Dance

Ballet was spiritual exercise and a form of prayer that steadied her.

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Praying for recovery
Pray Effectively

3 Ways to Pray for Someone in Recovery

Recovery is a chance to reset the dial. To re-embrace hope and change for both you and your loved one.

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A mysterious little girl holding a balloon flower.
Addiction and Recovery

A Mysterious Sign from God Helped Her Deal with Addiction

She thought her addiction was hopeless until she received a token from a young girl.

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A concerned father discusses her addiction with his daughter
Addiction and Recovery

Are You Helping or Enabling Addiction? How to Tell the Difference

A supervisor with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation explains the concept of enabling someone with a substance use disorder and why you may be hindering your loved one's recovery, not helping.

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Debbie at home. "My days are happier and more peaceful now."
Addiction and Recovery

She Followed God's Voice to Battle Addiction

For years this opera singer's brilliance hid her darker side.

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A man deep in prayer as the sun sets against the ocean.
Addiction and Recovery

6 Prayers for Recovery from Addiction

Do you or a loved one struggle with addiction? Use these prayers to help you face the challenges of recovery.

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