The excitement of learning separates youth from old age. As long as you're learning you're not old.

Rosalyn S. Yalow

Nobel Prize winner

Evening prayers
Pray Effectively

10 Best Evening Prayers from the Bible

Before you turn out your light for the night, pray some inspiring and comforting words from Scripture.

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Woman holding cat

9 Cat Behaviors You've Always Been Curious About, Explained

Strange sounds, peculiar quirks, weird rituals, these are the strangest cat behaviors you've always been curious about, explained. 

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Inspiring Stories

Reflecting on the 80th Anniversary of Kristallnacht

Broken things take a long time to repair—but together, we can keep working toward wholeness and a better future.

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Margaret Feinberg
Inspiring Stories

How to Find Joy in Dark Times

Join us for a Facebook Live event with popular Bible speaker and author Margaret Feinberg.

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Reader Favorites

A retired couple having a blast on a motorcycle through the woods.
Managing Life Changes

9 Inspirational Quotes for Retirement

Retirement is never the end of your journey. Enjoy these nine motivational quotes to inspire you as you plan for the next phase of your life.

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Celtic Mystic John O'Donohue
Stories of Faith

4 Keys to Experience Wonder from John O'Donohue

Use these principles from an expert in Celtic spirituality to find wonder in everyday life  

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Dr. Billy Graham
Positive Thinking

11 Inspiring Billy Graham Quotes on the 100th Anniversary of His Birth

Enjoy these inspiring Billy Graham quotes.

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Busy woman
Life Advice

Can't Do It All? It Doesn't Matter

Earthly ideas of perfection have nothing to do with completion in the eyes of God.

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Tyree makes "The Catch"
Addiction and Recovery

How David Tyree's Faith Helped Him Turn Away from Drugs and Alcohol

The former NFL player credits God for his recovery from addiction.

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Country music legend Johnny Cash
Addiction and Recovery

Johnny Cash on Overcoming Addiction

In this story from November 1970, beloved singer Johnny Cash reveals the story of his struggle with drugs—and the Bible verse that inspired his recovery.

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Woman pushing a shopping cart.
Addiction and Recovery

An Encounter in the Checkout Line

This woman was the last person she wanted to see at a time like this.

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Dr. Thomas Andrew in his days as New Hampshire’s chief medical examiner
Addiction and Recovery

Why This Former Pathologist Is Going to Seminary

He witnessed the opioid epidemic, but the memory of a Boy Scout leader led him to a new path.

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