Boost of energy

5 Easy Ways to Give Yourself an Energy Boost

Use these techniques to keep your days fresh and energized.

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LIghtning Storm
Devotions for Faith/Prayer

Reading God's Signs

You experience God's presence the same way you fall in love.

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Illustration of a surfer in wetsuit; Illustration by Tanguy Jestin
God's Grace

A Surfer's Divine Warning

Although he ignored a sign from above, he was still miraculously protected.

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Random acts of kindness
Positive Living

10 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do Today

There’s no such thing as a small act of gratitude or appreciation, especially in tough times.

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man and woman fishing for 12 prayers for summer
Seasonal Prayers

12 Prayers for Summer

In all that you do this summer, pray for God to reveal His glory to you.

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Making summer memories.

Making Family Memories During Summer

Don’t let the season slip away without lots of fun times together.

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The sun begins its slow descent on a warm afternoon at the beach
Positive Living

Inspiring Summer Quotes

Be inspired by some of our favorite summer quotes.

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The simple blessings of summer.
Positive Living

The Simple Blessings of Summer

Don't miss out on the many affordable pleasures the season brings.

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Carolyn Webber; photo by Robert Seale
Addiction and Recovery

Praying for Her Son's Sobriety

She always relied on faith. But when it came to her drug-addicted son, was it enough?

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Sobriety Ride: Spencer Nee bikes for hope
Living Longer, Living Better

Journey to Sobriety: One Man Rides for Hope

Spencer Nee is riding 4,000 miles across the country in order to give hope to people with addictions. 

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Addiction and church
Addiction and Recovery

How to Respond When Addiction Comes to Church

Church should be a place of healing for those struggling with addiction.  

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A young man is comforted in a group counseling session
Addiction and Recovery

How to Manage Your Recovery

A treatment professional explains why managing addiction is a life-long skill.

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