Hope is a daring seed that you plant with prayer again and again.

Ann Voskamp

from the forward to the book Daring to Hope, by Katie Davis Majors

Blowing in the wind.
Life Advice

3 Ways to Stand Strong When Storms of Life Attack

A new perspective on how to navigate winds of change. 

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Knitting for health
Living Longer, Living Better

The Positive Power of Working with Your Hands

Research shows that creating something with your own two hands stimulates brain chemicals that improve mental health.

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A woman speaks to her doctor about breast cancer
Living With Cancer

What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer

An expert in cancer prevention and treatment explains the latest research and reveals what you need to know about breast cancer.

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Des Monahan applies his wifes make-up

Husband Learns to Do Wife’s Make-up

She was losing her sight, so he started taking make-up lessons.

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Reader Favorites

Urban gardening
Stories of Faith

How Overcoming Procrastination Led to A 'Fabulous' Day

She dreaded weeding in New York City, but she made a surprising connection.

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Guideposts writers workshop
Inspiring Stories

Giving Thanks at the Guideposts Writers Workshop

Gratitude for all the blessings—and participants—at this year’s gathering.

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Dorothy Steel in a scene from 'Black Panther'
Living Longer, Living Better

At 92, Dorothy Steel Got a Role in 'Black Panther'

When she started acting at 88, this former IRS employee had no idea she'd appear in a blockbuster

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The cast of A Million Little Things
Movies and TV

5 Inspiring TV Shows Premiering This Fall

The most uplifting new shows coming to TV this fall.  

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Inspirational Quotes About Recovery from Addiction
Addiction and Recovery

11 Inspirational Quotes About Recovery from Addiction

Encouraging quotes to inspire and help support you on the path to recovery.

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Sliced banana bread loaf with walnuts and cinnamon on wooden board.
Addiction and Recovery

A Mother's Answered Prayer for Her Son's Recovery

She had always leaned on her faith. But when it came to her drug-addicted son her faith did not feel enough.

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Carolyn at the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church today; (right) the church after the bombing in 1963.
Addiction and Recovery

The Power of Forgiveness Was Stronger Than Her Addiction

She learned that God's love was there for her in the midst of her troubles.

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An open doorway in a darkened room looks out on a lovely home in the distance.
Addiction and Recovery

Serenity House: The Program That Saved Her from Addiction

The only force more powerful than her addiction led her to a bright future.

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