When you have faith in God, you don't wait until things change to praise him; praise him knowing things will change.    

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Describe your stress
Emotional and Mental Health

What Are You Getting Out of Your Stress?

Redefining your stress level may help you let go of negative patterns.

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Alzheimer's and Dementia

How “Our Stories” Is Changing the Way Families Talk About Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer’s Association’s new initiative highlights how important early conversations can be for those with Alzheimer’s and their loved ones.

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Linda took to painting as a form of therapy
Helpful Activities

How She Used Art to Help a Senior with Dementia

The caregiving art sessions transformed Tony's final days with Alzheimer's and healed Linda, too.

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A family of four strolls along the beach as the summer sun sets on the horizon.
Positive Living

10 Simple Summer Pleasures For Family Fun

It's the simple pleasures—fireflies, going barefoot, a ice-cold glass of lemonade—that make summer such a special time of the year. Here are some of our favorite joys of the summer season; why not tell us about yours?

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K. T. and Jeannine are reunited after 75 years
Stories of Hope

World War II Sweethearts Reunited After 75 Years

K. T. Robbins returned to France to commemorate the anniversary of D-Day, not expecting to get a second chance at love. 

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6 prayers for summer fun
How to Pray

6 Simple Prayers to Increase Summer Fun

It’s a season that brings special situations—from an urge to skip church to bathing suit self-criticism. Here’s how to pray through it.

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A smiling young couple smile from the front seat of their car as they depart on a road trip

5 Comforting Bible Verses for Safe Travel

These Scriptures will calm your traveling nerves. 

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Power of casual friendships
Living Longer, Living Better

The Surprising Positive Impact of Casual Friendships

How taking the time to cultivate “weak ties” can open doors to new sources of happiness.

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Sports broadcaster Lauren Sisler
Addiction and Recovery

Lauren Sisler Opens Up About Her Parents' Addiction

The popular sports broadcaster was in denial about her family's secret — her parents were addicted to prescription pain medication.

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Two middle-aged friends having a conversation outside.
Addiction and Recovery

How a Divine Nudge Saved Two Lives

Two men recovering from alcohol addiction saved one another that day.

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A close up of an artist painting on canvas.
Addiction and Recovery

Why a Man Battling Addiction Painted 2,000 Angels

After a frightening encounter with cocaine, he experienced a divine intervention that inspired him to create art.

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A man walking away from cigarettes.
Addiction and Recovery

How the Power of Prayer Stopped His Nicotine Addiction

As he was reading a passage about overcoming addiction the lights went out. Suddenly a curious message from above sent him into action.

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