Adversity is often the buffer that puts a shine on your faith.

submitted by Ruth F. Weaver

New Holland, Pennsylvania

Summer with God
Positive Living

3 Ways to Spend the Summer with God

The season invites us to enjoy longer and warmer days with some quiet, some friends and always in His presence.

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Faith in God
Stories of Faith

How Faith Can Help Us Overcome the Odds

We may not be immune to hardship, but we never have to face it alone.

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Blind woodworker John Furniss; photo by Randy Boverman

Meet the Blind Woodsman

Losing his sight put woodworker John Furniss on the path to the life he was meant to follow.

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Balsora Baptist Church fire cross miracle stories of hope power of prayer
Stories of Hope

A Sign of Hope from God After a Fire

Only a cross remained after Balsora Baptist Church in Texas went up in flames. 

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A family at the beach

God’s Gift of Summer and Family Time

Now is the time to make precious family memories. Later in life you'll be glad you did.

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Creating memories during summer
Inspiring Stories

Creating Summer Memories

One summer evening led to a lifelong partnership full of family and joy.

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8 Prayers to Help You Savor Summer
Seasonal Prayers

8 Prayers to Help You Savor Summer

Sure, there's the heat. And sometimes traffic. But don't forget beaches and ice cream and vacations!

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Enjoy the gifts of summer
Positive Living

What’s on Your Summer Bucket List?

Summer is God’s gift to us; let’s go outside with friends and family and enjoy it!

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Praying through addiction
Prayers for Recovery

12 Scriptures to Help You Pray Through Recovery

We are all recovering from something, if not addiction. Here are some Bible verses to help.

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Sobriety Ride: Spencer Nee bikes for hope
Living Longer, Living Better

Journey to Sobriety: One Man Rides for Hope

Spencer Nee is riding 4,000 miles across the country in order to give hope to people with addictions. 

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A Bible study group holding hands as a Bible rests in the center of the table.
Addiction and Recovery

Bible Study Fellowship: The Cure for Her Addiction

Thanks to a Bible study and a little green journal she was able to confide to God about her addiction.

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Family praying
Prayers for Recovery

A Family’s Battle with Addiction

How one woman never lost faith despite her husband and children’s descent into drugs and alcohol

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