Dave hopes his story inspires other addicts to recovery.
Addiction and Recovery

Addicted to Opioids, This Pastor Found Honesty Was the Path to Recovery

After years of lying to himself and others about his opioid abuse, he learned that telling the truth about his addiction was the first step toward reclaiming his life.

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How to use a prayer book
Pray Effectively

6 Ways to Use a Prayer Book

It felt weird at first for me, saying prayers from a book. But not anymore.  

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Natalie Putnam's Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie

With this recipe, so easy to prepare in advance, you'll never be stumped when the kids (or the grownups, for that matter) ask, “What’s for dinner?”

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adult child talking to mom on couch
Aging Parents

4 Ways to Talk to Aging Parents About Hearing Loss

Audiologist Dr. Leisa Lyles-DeLeon shares her tips for having difficult conversations about hearing loss with aging parents.

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An artist's rendering of dream symbols

Unusual Dreams: Was God Telling Her Something?

A Mysterious Ways staffer speaks to a pair of experts to discern whether her unusual dreams are, in fact, divine guidance.

Banish winter gloom
Positive Living

5 Ways to Banish Winter Gloom

In the middle of all the snow and slush and mud, there are signs of hope. Here’s how to see them.

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Dr. King Historic Church

Dr. King's Atlanta

Take a trip in pictures to the place where Dr. King was born, lived, marched and preached for peace, economic justice and civil rights.

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Hugh Bonneville in Paddington 2
Movies and TV

Hugh Bonneville Talks ‘Paddington 2’ and Those ‘Downton Abbey’ Rumors

The British actor lets loose in his latest role and reminds us why a certain children’s book series is still relevant.

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Reading the Bible
Power of Prayer

6 Times a Biblical Hero Should Have Prayed

Do Abraham, Moses and others offer telling moments when prayer could have changed the outcome of the story?

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Philadelphia Barber Brennon Jones, Haircuts for Homeless
People Helping People

Philadelphia Barber Gets a Shop of His Own After Helping the Homeless

Brennon Jones, who has given over 1,000 free haircuts to the homeless in Philadelphia, was given his own barbershop by a kind stranger

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A caregiver clasps the hand of her patient

What a Hospice Chaplain Learned About Life from Her Patients

Author Kerry Egan on why the stories of the dying are surprisingly hopeful and what she believes about God.

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Inspiring New Year

Heavenly angel

A New Year's Promise

A worried mother receives an encouraging message.

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How Vision Boards Help You Live a More Purposeful Life
Finding Life Purpose

How Vision Boards Help You Live a More Purposeful Life

Here are 3 ways vision boards help you tap into your God-given purpose.

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New Year Affirmations
Devotions for Women

New Year Affirmations

Look to the psalmist David for New Year commitment inspiration.

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An array of New Year's resolutions with festive decorations.
Living Longer, Living Better

8 Simple Habits To Make You More Productive in the New Year

No matter what your resolutions are, use these simple techniques to meet your goals

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