When you have faith in God, you don't wait until things change to praise him; praise him knowing things will change.    

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Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Guideposts Classics: Ernest Borgnine's Inspiring Good Friday Vision
Movies and TV

Ernest Borgnine's Inspiring Good Friday Vision

In this story from March 1989, actor Ernest Borgnine recalls a divine vision he received while filming a scene for Franco Zeffirelli's acclaimed multi-part television film, "Jesus of Nazareth."

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Volunteers post requests that have been raised up in prayer on Good Friday
Power of Prayer

Guideposts' 49th Annual Good Friday Day of Prayer

Join us online or in person for this uplifting day of prayer.

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The hope beyond Holy Saturday

The Hope Beyond Holy Saturday

For the disciples, the Saturday after Good Friday was a day of mourning. How could they know that something good would happen next?

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A man sorting and organizing his mail.
Resource Center

3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Home Safer for Your Older Loved One

Clearing out old medications and old papers can make a real difference.

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A volunteer posts a request that has been prayed for on Good Friday
Power of Prayer

Good Friday Day of Prayer 2019

Learn more about Guideposts' Good Friday Day of Prayer, an annual event that inspires and uplifts those who are able to attend in person and those across the country and around the world who join us in praying for others.

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How a smartphone can help you pray
How to Pray

6 Ways Your Phone Can Help You Pray

Take charge of your mobile device and turn it into a daily prayer nudge.

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Josh Arnett and Aaron Gray, the Singing Contractors

The Singing Contractors on Sharing Their Faith Through Song

 In this exclusive video, Josh Arnett and Aaron Gray discuss their new album and perform a pair of songs: "Workin' on a Building" and "How Great Thou Art."

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Katie and her volunteers have given away more than 6,000 Easter baskets.
People Helping People

How Making Easter Baskets Helped Her Let Go of a Painful Past

After leaving the children's home she grew up in, she swore she'd never go back, but a little girl's Easter joy changed her outlook.

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Bill skiing on the slopes.
Addiction and Recovery

How the 12-Step Program Gave Him Strength in an Avalanche

He’d survived Vietnam, then years of drug and alcohol addiction before getting sober. But could he survive this?

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Wanda and Don Hockenberry
Addiction and Recovery

She Asked God for Help with Her Husband's Addiction

He was a devoted father and a good husband, but she couldn’t keep his addiction secret any longer.

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A lone feather in the sky.
Addiction and Recovery

The Winged Companion That Guarded Her Life

A peculiar incident gave her hope during her struggles with alcohol and drug addiction.

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A troubled student at the back of the classroom.
Addiction and Recovery

How a Teacher Saved Her Student from Addiction

At the back of her classroom, she saw the struggles that her pupil was facing. But what could she do?

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