More than anything, praying helps me concentrate and let go of things that don't matter in that moment. It gives me peace knowing I'm in good hands.

Katie Ledecky

five-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer

A man stands, arms outstretched, in a sun-drenched field
How to Pray

6 Prayers to Let Go and Let God

Relieve fear and anxiety and remember Who is in control.

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George Washington on friendship
Positive Living

George Washington’s Inspiring Definition of Friendship

Our first president understood that a true bond is cultivated and nurtured over time.

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Winter crafts to Boost Your Mood
Living Longer, Living Better

7 Winter Crafts to Boost Your Mood

Discover the surprising benefits of these winter activities 

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Hot chocolate

4 Fun New Ways to Enjoy Hot Chocolate

Nothing against marshmallows, but you can jazz up your winter warmer in lots of other ways too.

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Reader Favorites

Dave and Ann Wilson

Practical Tips to Cultivate a Successful Marriage

Marriage experts Dave and Ann Wilson share different ways couples can handle conflict in healthy ways.

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Life Advice

The Cost of Not Forgiving Others

Why forgiveness is essential to emotional and spiritual health.

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Inspiring Quotes of United States Presidents
Positive Thinking

Inspiring Quotes from Presidents

Celebrate Presidents' Day with these  motivational and inspirational quotes from America's leaders. 

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How to pray like Abraham Lincoln
How to Pray

6 Ways to Pray Like Abraham Lincoln

Our 16th president was a man of frequent prayer. Here's how we can benefit from his habits.

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A little girl looking up into the sunlight on a warm, Autumn day.
Addiction and Recovery

Her Path to Sobriety Started with One Look

She saw herself in the eyes of a little girl.

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A happy police officer with a police car.
Addiction and Recovery

How a Police Veteran's Faith Helped a Victim He Knew

This vice officer wasn’t going to give up until he found the girl he used to babysit again.

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Earl Smith brought healing and forgiveness to prison at San Quentin.
Addiction and Recovery

The Powerful Story of Golden State Warriors Chaplain Earl Smith

Before he was known as chaplain of the Golden State Warriors, Earl Smith faced a wrenching challenge when he came face to face with the man who shot him.

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Bill Wilson, co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous
Addiction and Recovery

Is A.A. for Alcoholics Only?

In this story from 1947, Bill Wilson, cofounder of Alcoholics Anonymous, looks at how that group's principles apply to all.

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