If you're busy doing what matters to you, then being busy is bliss.

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American flag
Finding Life Purpose

A Memorial Day Commitment to Live with Purpose

In tribute to those who gave their lives for their country, we, too, can dedicate ourselves to something bigger than ourselves.

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7 Fun Facts About Mister Rogers
Movies and TV

7 Fun Facts About Mister Rogers

Fans may be surprised by the beloved children’s television star's interesting routines and skills.

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An adult daughter embraces her mother who has dementia
Everyday Coping for Caregivers

5 Tips to Help Caregivers Cope with Ambiguous Loss

How do you care for a loved with dementia, depression or lost only partially?

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Gracie Jagler poses with some of her Doggie Delights

Meet the Young Boss Behind This Dog Treat Business

Gracie Jagler turned her love for dogs into a successful start-up.

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Former MMA fighter Jacob Leckich

How Surrender Helped an MMA Fighter Conquer Addiction

Former MMA fighter Jacob Leckich explains how his fighting career led to him becoming addicted to pain medications and how he came to realize that only a true surrender to faith would allow him to conquer his addiction.

A mother and her young daughter work together to prepare a healthy meal
Living Longer, Living Better

5 Tips for Healthy Eating

Check out these strategies to feed body and soul 

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Go slow
Positive Living

Why It Pays to Slow Down

Paying attention to the way you move through life helps bring peace and focus to your everyday.

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Reader Favorites

Unanswered prayers
Power of Prayer

How 'Unanswered' Prayers Draw Us Closer to God

Even when we think God isn't listening, prayer still continues the conversation with Him.

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A tidy, decluttered kitchen
Positive Living

How to Declutter Your Kitchen in 5 Simple Steps

Decluttering expert Dana K. White offers her best tips to organize your kitchen.

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Photograph courtesy of Maarten de Boer/Getty
God's Grace

5 Celebrities Who Heard from God in Startling Ways

A-listers share their experience with prophecies, visions, timely interventions and other mysterious encounters. 

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Declutter your garden.
Positive Living

5 Ways to Declutter Your Garden

Clearing clutter isn’t just an indoor activity. Give your garden space to grow with these easy tips.

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A portrait of Norman Ray Graves.
Addiction and Recovery

Music Helped Him Overcome Drug Addiction

He went to a substance treatment center that had a special place for him in the choir. Finding God through song made him realize he was never lost.

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A portrait of a mother and daughter embracing each other.
Addiction and Recovery

Her Teenage Daughter Needed Love and Forgiveness

By having faith in herself and in God, she started to have the relationship she always wanted with her daughter who faced addiction.

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A mother and daughter driving in her new car.
Addiction and Recovery

A Mother's Gift to Her Daughter

After her daughter finished rehab, she wanted to commemorate the occasion and also learned an important lesson.

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A close up on a car race track as brilliant sunlight pours through.
Addiction and Recovery

How an Addict Started the Great American Race

In towns and cities across North America, communities turn out to cheer this annual event.

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