The most powerful force in business isn’t greed, fear, or…competition. The most powerful force in business is love. It’s what will give you a sense of meaning and satisfaction in your work.

Tim Sanders

Former chief solutions officer at Yahoo!

Praying at your desk.
Pray Effectively

7 Ways to Pray with Technology

Among the blessings of technology are the ways it can help us pray.

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A woman's hand reaches out invitingly in a dreamy setting
God's Grace

How to Interpret Dreams About Deceased Loved Ones

Departed family and friends sometimes make appearances in our dreams, but what does it mean when they do? Desiree Cole turned to dream experts for insights.

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A young girl smiles as bubbles shes blown cascade down upon her.
God's Grace

The Big Question: Do Miracles Still Happen?

Watch as experts including C. S. Lewis and Billy Graham offer insights on Mysterious Ways magazine's latest Big Question: Do miracles still happen today as they did in Bible times?

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Dance for Susan was spiritual as well as physical exercise.
Caregiver Burnout

This Caregiver Found God Through Dance

Ballet was spiritual exercise and a form of prayer that steadied her.

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DOG trains service dogs at Support Dogs, Inc. (SDI) in St. Louis, Missouri
Service Animals

Meet the Cat Helping to Train Service Dogs

D-O-G was a stray kitten before the trainers at Support Dogs Inc. decided to give him a home—and a job.

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Life Advice

How to Choose Calm

Considering that this little word is both a feeling and an action gives you two ways into a peaceful day.

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José (in blue shirt and vest) and fellow chef volunteers in Puerto Rico making sancocho
People Helping People

When Natural Disasters Strike, Chef José Andrés Works Culinary Miracles for the Hungry

When people are suffering, this top chef has a three-pronged plan of attack: Show up, spread the word and pray.

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Pastor Jim Powell (left) and Imam Kamil Mufti
Stories of Hope

A Christian Pastor and a Muslim Imam Find Friendship and Common Ground

When an evangelical church relocates next to a mosque, it provides an opportunity for people of different faiths to build bridges.

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A mysterious little girl holding a balloon flower.
Addiction and Recovery

A Mysterious Sign from God Helped Her Deal with Addiction

She thought her addiction was hopeless until she received a token from a young girl.

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A concerned father discusses her addiction with his daughter
Addiction and Recovery

Are You Helping or Enabling Addiction? How to Tell the Difference

A supervisor with Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation explains the concept of enabling someone with a substance use disorder and why you may be hindering your loved one's recovery, not helping.

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Debbie at home. "My days are happier and more peaceful now."
Addiction and Recovery

She Followed God's Voice to Battle Addiction

For years this opera singer's brilliance hid her darker side.

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A man deep in prayer as the sun sets against the ocean.
Addiction and Recovery

6 Prayers for Recovery from Addiction

Do you or a loved one struggle with addiction? Use these prayers to help you face the challenges of recovery.

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