Amazons in Wonder Woman
Movies and TV

Meet the Athletes Behind the Amazons in 'Wonder Woman'

Three athletes who played Amazons in the superhero film reveal what they hope people can learn from Wonder Woman's story. 

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Backyard prayers
Power of Prayer

Revive Childhood Memories with Backyard Prayers

How one man is returning to the simplicity and honesty of childhood and creating an outdoor place of prayer.

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Don't be scared of shadows.
Military Families

Don’t Be Scared of a Shadow

Let God’s light shine on your path and don’t worry about the occasional shadow.

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Music legend Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell's Touching Final Album, 'Adiós'

Music legend Glen Campbell has gone silent with his descent into the final stages of Alzheimer's, but his new album is a beautiful parting gift from a multitalented performer.

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the healing power of touch, two hands touching

The Healing Power of Touch

From massage therapy to cuddles with your pet, here are 4 affordable ways to bring healing into your life through touch.

Ultramarathon Runner Dion Leonard On 'Finding Gobi'

Ultramarathon Runner Dion Leonard On 'Finding Gobi'

Marathon runner Dion Leonard made headlines when he bonded with a stray dog on a 155 mile race in China. Now, their story is being shared with the world. 

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Senior father and adult son having a conversation on the couch.
Aging Parents

How to Have Hard Conversations with Seniors

Follow these 5 tips when tough decisions have to be made about the  health, safety, or well-being of an older loved one.

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Taraji Henson
Finding Life Purpose

Push Through Your Fears

Actress Taraji P. Henson is an example of not letting fear get in the way of her dreams.

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Mysterious Ways: A Wave of Relief
God's Grace

Mysterious Ways: A Wave of Relief

The beach house was a perfect getaway. But I needed God’s grace to escape my worries.

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Corey Kent
Inspiring Stories

A Smart Home Helps an Injured Vet's Fatherhood Dreams Come True

When Corey Kent lost both his legs in an IED explosion in Afghanistan, he thought he'd never be an active dad. This smart home changes everything. 

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The image of the Virgin Mary in Clearwater, Florida
God's Grace

10 Real-Life Miracles

Check out our collection of some of our nation’s most memorable miracles—from an incredible plane landing in New York City to a miraculous fire hydrant in San Francisco. 

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Better Living

How Crafts Are Helping People with Chronic Illness Heal
Living Longer, Living Better

How Crafts Are Helping People with Chronic Illness Heal

Through the craft website, Karen Thomas empowers others like her who are managing a chronic illness.

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Three women enjoying a good laugh together
Life Advice

5 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Laughter

Everyone loves to laugh. Here's why it's good for you.

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Puppy playing in grass
Health and Wellness

Can Having a Dog Help You Lose Weight?

A new study suggests owning a pet may help lower your risk for obesity. 

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Why an interruption can be a blessing
Positive Living

4 Reasons Why an Interruption Can Be a Blessing

Despite the aggravation of being interrupted, there may be a positive underpinning. 

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