There is satisfaction in wisdom, in having loved people and accomplished things, in having not wasted all our time with caution and escape.

author Brett C. Hoover

A senior woman and her adult daughter go over plans in case of emergency

3 Ways to Plan for a Loved One’s Care in the Event of Disaster

Conversations with your loved one and careful planning can make difficult days easier

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The Lord's Prayer
Power of Prayer

Why I Still Pray ‘Lead Us Not into Temptation’

The reason a sometimes confusing phrase in The Lord’s Prayer offers hope and strength.

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Always hang on to hope
Stories of Hope

Martin Luther King, Jr. on ‘Infinite Hope’

Distinguishing between today’s challenges and tomorrow’s possibilities is part of King’s inspiring legacy.

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Comforts of winter
Positive Living

Why Winter Is the Most Positive Season

The dark and cold invite us to draw close to that which warms our lives.

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Reader Favorites

Actress Betty White
Living Longer, Living Better

Betty White: 13 Things You Should Know

Betty White has been delighting audiences for decades. Here are 13 things you might not know about this beloved actress.

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Allison with her husband, Dave

Her Husband Had a Stroke When He Was 30

She was pregnant with their first child. How would she navigate the challenges that lay ahead?

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Costant prayer
Persistent Prayer

Praying Until Something Happens

Don’t stop praying through a tough situation. God will answer.

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Martin Luther King Jr., Ralph Abernathy (far right) and unidentified men sing in a Selma, Alabama church.
Stories of Faith

Martin Luther King’s Favorite Hymn

Singing words of comfort for those who suffer

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Sunlight illuminates foliage in a dark forest.
Addiction and Recovery

The Angel in the Woods That Saved Her Son from Addiction

Alcohol and drugs had taken her son from her so often that she doubted that he’d ever get sober.

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A black and white portrait of a senior veteran in a park.
Addiction and Recovery

A Chance Encounter Kept Him Sober

For 30 years he had tried to drink away his memories of Vietnam. But there was only one thing he didn’t want to forget.

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A convict reads a book in his jail cell.
Addiction and Recovery

An Incarcerated Man's Answered Prayer to End His Drug Addiction

He was sent to solitary confinement with only a Bible.  He could not have guessed what would happen next.

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A father looking at his teenage daughter dearly.
Addiction and Recovery

This Father Found Hope and Help for His Daughter Battling Addiction

He realized that she was in God's hands and that there was one thing he could do: love his daughter.

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