Daily Devotion

Preview Daily Guideposts 2017: A Comforting Message

A reassuring message is delivered by a pod of whales in this preview from Daily Guideposts 2017. read more

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Stubby Squid

Adorable Stubby Squid Breaks the Internet

Watch the viral video of the amazing creature these scientists stumbled upon on the ocean floor.

Guideposts: Peggy Frezon's dogs, Kelly and Ike!

Inspirational Stories for National Dog Day

At Edward Grinnan's invitation, dozens of readers sent in snapshots of their dogs. We hope these pictures and stories will inspire you.

Maggie Engler and raptor

A Job Loss Leads to a Chance to Follow a Dream

She was struggling financially when she learned her job was ending. Could she find a way to continue the work she loved?

Laura Beebe with her canine guardian angel, Snow

How an Energetic Puppy Helped a Diabetic Manage Her Disease

She thought she couldn't handle a puppy. She never could have guessed how that dog would help her manage her diabetes.

Celebrate National be an Angel Day

10 Ways to Celebrate Be an Angel Day

Bring a little heaven to earth on National Be an Angel Day, August 22.

Carol Wallace, author of a new adaptation of her great-great-grandfather's bestselling novel, Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ

Ben-Hur: A Surprising Story of Faith and Fiction

The great-great-granddaughter of the author of Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ shares how that record-setting bestseller impacted her ancestor's life—and her own.

Joanna Kovacs and her son, Joe, near the beach at Chula Vista, California, where Joe trained for the Olympic Trials

Rio 2016: A Mother's Pride in Her Olympian Son

Joanna Kovacs was mother, father and even coach to her shot-putting son, Joe. And now that he's made the U.S. Olympics squad, she'll be cheering him on from the stands in Rio de Janeiro.

Olympic gold medal boxer Claressa Shields

Rio 2016: Boxing Star Claressa Shields Is Fighting for Her Dream

With one Olympic gold medal already under her belt, Shields is ready to make history at Rio. She shares why boxing makes her happy and how it has strengthened her faith. 

Teaching our children the value of a dollar

How We Taught Our Children the Value of a Dollar

My 13-year-old son wanted to go to a $1,200 camp. It could change his life, but how could we afford it?