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Open your eyes and heart to God's miracles. Expect them, want them and enjoy them when they occur.

Betsy Williams


Enjoying nature
Emotional and Mental Health

How Spending Time in Nature Can Help Your Finances

A new study reveals that being in natural spaces not only makes us feel good, it can lower our health care costs.

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Edward Grinnan
How to Pray

A Duty of Faith That Goes Beyond Thoughts and Prayers

In the wake of another mass shooting, searching for a way to bring about change

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Rick Hamlin
Bible Verses About Faith

7 Bible Verses to Celebrate Pentecost

It’s time to wish the church “Happy Birthday!”

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Illustration by © N.A. NOËL

3 Angels Surrounded Her in the Hospital Room

After surgery, her 10-year-old daughter saw heaven-sent messengers flying around the room. 

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Prayers for spring
Seasonal Prayers

4 New Prayers for Spring

How to welcome the season of renewed hope and lifted spirits.

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spring cleaning
Inspirational Bible Verses

Praying Bible Verses for Spring Cleaning

Use these Bible verses to energize and inspire your spring cleaning routine.

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Guideposts: Butterflies gather around brightly colored spring flowers in a sun-drenched field.
Positive Living

15 Inspiring Quotes for Spring

These inspiring quotes about spring, along with the beautiful photos, will warm your heart, whether spring is in the air or you're surrounded by snow.

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Mother and daughter in a field of flowers; Getty Images
Seasonal Prayers

3 Prayers for Spring

May a new season of prayer blossom in your heart and in your life.

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Support group
Addiction and Recovery

How Recovery from Addiction Inspired a Life Calling

In our deepest, darkest struggles, it's possible to find out who we are really meant to be.

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An Alcoholics Anonymous meeting
Addiction and Recovery

After a Year of Sobriety, She Turned to Helping Others

She thought she was ready for romance, but her AA sponsor introduced her to an entirely different kind of relationship.

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Praying through addiction
Prayers for Recovery

12 Scriptures to Help You Pray Through Recovery

We are all recovering from something, if not addiction. Here are some Bible verses to help.

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Addiction and Recovery

Addiction—No One Is Beyond Hope

Through the grace of God, recovery is available to everyone.

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