Facing stress and finding happiness
Managing Life Changes

Leaning into Stressful Situations for a Happy Outcome

Research suggests that working through stressful situations offers the promise of fulfillment and happiness in the future.

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Anthony Mancinelli, the world's oldest barber
Living Longer, Living Better

The World's Oldest Barber: 95 Years in a Job He Loves

Barber Anthony Mancinelli cut his first head of hair when Calvin Coolidge was president and more than nine decades later, he's still at it. What's his secret?

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The Psychological Benefits of Baking for Others
Emotional and Mental Health

The Psychological Benefits of Baking for Others

Making your favorite desserts just got sweeter.

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Actor Taylor James, who stars as the Biblical strongman in the new movie 'Samson'
Bible Resources

The Story of Samson

Rick Hamlin revisits the story of the man who was chosen by God to have supernatural strength.

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Austin, Texas
Living Longer, Living Better

The Happiest Cities in the U.S., According to National Geographic

Where do the happiest people in America live? The answer may surprise you.

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Quotes about light following darkness
Stories of Hope

14 Quotes About Light That Follows Darkness

If you've had a tough week, reminders that miracles do appear after storms

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Lenten Prayer Program
Prayer Stories

Join Our Lenten Prayer Program

Sign up for our free 40-day Prayer Program and draw closer to God this Lenten Season!

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Winter Olympians

Meet the Inspiring Winter Olympians Representing Team USA

Before the Games begin, we're highlighting eight men and women whose personal journeys to a potential place on the podium are a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the beauty of the American dream.

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Overcoming Addiction

Dave Beddoes hopes his story inspires other addicts to recovery.
Addiction and Recovery

Dave Beddoe on Shining a Light on Opioid Addiction

A pastor who saw his life thrown into turmoil due to his addiction to painkillers discusses the role that honesty plays in recovery and the importance of making amends.

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A woman with her hands up to the sun in victory.
Devotions for Men

A Devotion for Those in Recovery from Addiction

Addiction is one of the greatest scourges, a kind of terrorism of the soul...

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Guideposts: Wayne Campbell, who created the foundation, Tyler’s Light, to honor his fallen son.
Stories of Faith

A Father Honors a Son Lost to Heroin Addiction

He watched his loving, talented son become addicted to painkillers before finally succumbing to a heroin overdose. How could he make sense of such a tragedy?

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Country music legend Johnny Cash
Addiction and Recovery

Guideposts Classics: Johnny Cash on Overcoming Addiction

In this story from November 1970, beloved singer Johnny Cash reveals the story of his struggle with drugs—and the Bible verse that inspired his recovery.

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