This word ‘Father’ resounds with all the depth of the unknowable and the wonderful trust of the child.

Olivier Clément


Soup kitchen prayers
Power of Prayer

At a Soup Kitchen, Prayer Goes Both Ways

For servers and the served, an act of transformation.

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Keep watch as you pray.
Power of Prayer

4 Reasons to ‘Keep Watch’ as You Pray for Others

Why did Jesus ask his friends to pray with Him? And what does that teach us? 

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Help at a gas station.
People Helping People

A Gas Station Where Grace Abounds

A leaking car tire leads to a world of help in small town Wyoming.

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7 Ways Women Are Great Friends to Each Other

The laughs, the hugs, the tears, the advice, the soup when you're sick–it's all part of the wonderful world of girlfriends.

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A collage of people found in our collection of inspiring left-handers

10 Inspiring Left-Handers

Chances are, you know someone who is left-handed—lefties make up as much as 10 percent of the population—but you may not have known these 10 inspiring figures were southpaws.

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Bestselling author Christine Valters Paintner
God's Grace

Finding the Mystic Within: A Conversation with Christine Valters Paintner

Bestselling author Christine Valters Paintner on how to be more in touch with the silent, the spiritual, and the sacred in our lives

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8 Myths about the Eclipse People Actually Believed

8 Myths about the Eclipse People Actually Believed

Throughout history, people from all over the world have come up with explanations for solar eclipse sightings. Here are a few myths people believed about eclipses. 

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julia cameron
Motivational Stories

Julia Cameron: On Creativity

Best-selling author of The Artist's Way is back with a new book, Life Lessons: 125 Prayers and Meditations, and shares tips on how to connect to God through creativity.

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Better Living

Millie and two friends smile after taking part in a triathlon
Living Longer, Living Better

9 Ways to Make Exercise Fun

Need encouragement to move more? Follow these easy exercise tips.

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Shaka Senghor
Life Advice

Shaka Senghor: The Healing Power of Forgiveness

After 19 years in prison, New York Times best-selling author Shaka Senghor turned his life around. He shares practical advice for forgiving yourself and others.

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Summer rain
Positive Thinking

4 Positive Sides of a Rainy Summer Day

A rainy day might mean a change of summer plans, but it has a lot of gifts to offer as well.

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Dr. Omalu is now chief medical examiner for San Joaquin County, California, as well as a clinical professor at UC Davis.
Finding Life Purpose

The Doctor Who Discovered the Dangers of Concussions in Football

Dr. Bennet Omalu's discovery shook the NFL, but he had dealt with struggles of his own, including depression.

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