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A Sweet Symbol of God's Blessing

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Pope Francis waving

10 Things to Know About Pope Francis

Discover 10 facts about Pope Francis--from his many firsts to his feelings about the Popemobile.

caregiver pushes loved one in a wheelchair losing own identity

Don't Lose Your Identity in Caregiving

Caregiving expert Peter Rosenberger shares how you can maintain your own identity while caring for a loved one.

Bible verses for every month of the year.

A Bible Verse to Pray Every Month

A new way to find the perfect prayer in the Bible for certain days throughout the year

Is God on your to-do list?

Is God on Your To-Do List?

Military moms: If your days spin by on autopilot, here's a Bible verse to help make God a priority.

Faith and family, all important investments to living a good life.

Investing Wisely for a Meaningful Life

Here are the things that give our heart and spirit true meaning.

An artist's rendering of a Native American angel

The Angel in Front of Me Calmed My Cancer Anxiety

A line at the bank was not what she needed after chemotherapy–or so she thought.

Christian Rapper Flame Leaving A Legacy With His New Album 'Forward'

Christian Rapper Flame Talks About His New Album 'Forward'

The Grammy Award-nominated artist shares his thoughts on overcoming hardship, his legacy, and the Church's role in social justice.

Bestselling author Debbie Macomber gives Rick Hamlin an unforgettable 60th birthday gift.

Debbie Macomber's Special Birthday Gift

The bestselling author of the Cedar Cove series gives Rick Hamlin an unforgettable 60th birthday present.

Guideposts Military Outreach: Inspiring Those Who Serve

Guideposts Military Outreach: Inspiring Those Who Serve

American servicemen and women around the world—and their families—use our positive, faith-filled publications to help strengthen their courage and faith.