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How Will You Spend Labor Day?

This Daily Guideposts classic devotion is a reminder to celebrate the holiday in a most enjoyable way. read more

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Do you believe in church? Rick Hamlin explains why he believes that church matters.

Do You Believe in Church?

Rick Hamlin explains why he believes that going to church matters.

Angels on Earth editor Colleen Hughes hears from some of her favorite earth angels.

Angels Kind Enough to Write

Angels on Earth letters that warm the heart of the editor!

Guideposts: A man wearing a straw hat reads a book in a hammock on a summer afternoon.

10 Good Books To Read

As summer winds down, Guideposts staff recommend their favorite books.

When you're down, look up and reach out to God.

Why God Wants Us to Reach Out

God doesn't want us to stay stuck, our faces buried in the dirt from sorrow and grief.

Guideposts: Alzheimer’s strengthened Luanne and Bob’s relationship.

A New Way to Love

Her husband's diagnosis of early-onset Alzheimer's presented a daunting challenge, but she learned to be the caregiver he needed.

Guideposts: A visual montage of images from War Room, depicting the Kendrick Brothers, Priscilla Shirer and Beth Moore

'War Room': The Kendrick Brothers Talk About Their New Film

The authors and filmmakers behind "The Love Dare" and "Courageous" share why they wanted to make a movie focused on the power of prayer. 'War Room' stars Priscilla Shirer.

Guideposts: Actor David Oyelowo discusses the role of faith in his career

David Oyelowo on Faith and Family in Hollywood

Award-winning actor David Oyelowo shares how being a Christian informs his choices in roles—including his new movie, Captive—and reveals one secret to the success of his marriage to his wife, Jessica.

Pope Francis waving

10 Things to Know About Pope Francis

Discover 10 facts about Pope Francis--from his many firsts to his feelings about the Popemobile.

Woman praising the Lord

Favorite Scriptures to Praise God

We asked our readers to share their favorite Bible verses of praise and these are their favorites.