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Prayer Tip: God's In-Basket

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Like a good GPS, God's directions will never throw us off course.

Following God’s Directions

Like a spiritual GPS, His guidance will never steer us off course.

Honor military parents on Parents' Day.

Honoring Parents in the Military

On Parents' Day, remember those who have worked to make our country safe for all families.

The 66 Drive-in, just outside Carthage, Missouri, along the Mother Road

Drive-In Movie Theaters: Cinema Under the Stars

Celebrate Drive-in movies this summer, with a virtual tour of 10 drive-ins we love.

Pokemon Go sending people to church

Pokémon Go Is Bringing People to Church

Some churches were surprised to see players on their doorsteps, but decided to welcome them. 


10 Summer Favorites: Fresh Produce and Recipes

Find these fruits and vegetables at your local produce market and taste the flavors of the season. Plus, check out our recipes for each ingredient!

6 Tips to Let Go of Stress and Enjoy Your Vacation

Tips from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale to prepare your spirit for the best summer yet!

Ricci with her youngest daughter, Bree

A Miracle Baby Brings Her Mother Hope

She thought she was through having children, but He knew otherwise...

5 Greek words from the Bible to pray.

5 Great Greek Words to Pray

In whatever language you pray, a few Greek words from the Bible can deepen your prayer life.

The wonder of a sunset at the beach. Photo by Diana Aydin.

Sunset: Look for Beauty Every Day

A stunning sunset reminds us not to overlook the beauty in our lives.