Daily Devotion

A Cherished Reminder of Love

What do you do when you lose one of a cherished pair of mittens? read more

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Meals on wheels for senior citizens.

Angels on Wheels

How a senior meals-on-wheels program persuaded a mom suffering from Alzheimer’s to eat

8 ways for military families to fight stress.

8 Stress-Busters for Military Families

How to make your family a priority when other responsibilities crowd your days

Dolly Parton's Christmas Of Many Colors

Dolly Parton's 'Christmas of Many Colors'

Dolly Parton describes her latest movie, Christmas of Many Colors, and shares some of her family's most treasured holiday traditions. 

A circle of hands of people of different cultures displays a spirit of generosity

Help Guideposts Give the Gift of Hope

Guideposts' senior vice president for philanthropy describes a childhood experience that helped her learn the importance of giving back.

A mature couple enjoy an outing in the park.

How to Have an Abundant Retirement

Worried about finances in your retirement? Get money-saving tips and advice on affordable splurges from this recent retiree.

A woman smiles with gratitude

Inspiring Gratitude Quotes

These inspirational gratitude quotes will encourage you to feel grateful today and for many days after.

A woman smiles with gratitude

How One Woman Learned to Be Grateful After a Cancer Diagnosis

How could anyone be grateful after a cancer diagnosis? A young woman finds gratitude helped her cope and became a practice as she healed. 

Women Saints and Their Incredible Lives

Inspiring Christian Women: Lives of the Saints

Here we've highlighted a few of the many amazing women whose faith and devotion changed the world.

Moana and Maui

Disney's Inspiring New Heroine: 'Moana'

The story of Disney's first Polynesian princess is rich with Pacific Islander culture, mythology and lessons on forging your own destiny.