I trust that no loving thought goes unnoticed, even when I do not see immediate gratitude or behavior changes in the other person.

Lee Jampolsky, Ph.D.


Positive Living

3 New Ways to Think About Gratitude

Ask yourself different questions to bring out the full breadth and depth of your gratitude practice.

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Students reading
Inspiring Stories

Blessed for a Reason

We are to be the vehicle of blessings, allowing them to multiply beyond ourselves into the lives of others.

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Child stuck behind fence.
Stories of Faith

Seeing a Problem from a Different Perspective

How a spiritual approach can help you figure a way out of a tight spot.

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Win a Christmas angel

A Christmas Angel Could Be Yours

A hand-embroidered angel on the cover of The Joys of Christmas 2017 will go to one lucky recipient.

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Man helping homeless woman

The Florida Project Is Giving a Voice to the Homeless

The film is partnering with organizations like Community First! to bring attention to a growing crisis. 

Candace Payne, the mom who became an internet sensation thanks to a Chewbacca mask
Answered Prayers

How Chewbacca Mom's Prayer Was Answered

The mother of two who became an internet sensation had one seemingly unattainable dream: To take her family to Disney World.

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Author and solo world traveler Tam Warner Minton goes scuba-diving
Living Longer, Living Better

Was Joining a Volunteer Scuba Diving Project in Africa a Good Idea?

She was 50-years-old when she made a spontaneous decision to join a group of 20-something volunteer scuba divers in Mozambique. Discover her tips to get out of your comfort zone.

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Trending Stories

Jen Hatmaker, with her kids Remy and Ben

Jen Hatmaker's Tips for Creating Traditions with Your Kids

The best-selling author says creating simple family traditions can foster a lifetime of good memories for your kids.

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Craig Grossi with his pal, Fred

Why This Veteran Brought a Dog Home from Afghanistan

A dog he named Fred gave a Marine comfort and hope in war-torn Afghanistan. Could he return the favor?

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A happy family having a lot fun at the beach while taking pictures.
Living Longer, Living Better

6 Surprising and Fun Habits to Improve Your Health

Whether it's taking a vacation or having a good laugh, here are several tips on living a healthy life.

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Lisa’s family has really grown! That’s her in the middle, surrounded by two of her children, a son-in-law and the grandchildren. Five of those grandchildren were adopted through the Angels of Grace program.
People Helping People

A Domestic Abuse Survivor Helps Foster Children

How a compassionate nurse changed her life and inspired her career—and the surprising way they met again.

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Thanksgiving and Gratitude

Connie Ferdon, who was inspired to combine two yam recipes she found in Guidepos

Two Thanksgiving Yam Recipes in One

Inspired by a pair of sweet potato recipes, a Guideposts reader combines the two.

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How to Make Gratitude a Lifestyle
Positive Living

How to Make Gratitude a Lifestyle

This single mom's daily gratitude routine helped her to be grateful in all things.

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Guideposts: A Thanksgiving turkey

A Perfect Thanksgiving

What would her boyfriend think of her once he met her crazy family?

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An angelic visitor pays a Thanksgiving call on a West Virginia family.

An Angelic Thanksgiving Visitor

One woman reflects on the heavenly holiday guest that made a lasting impression on their family.

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