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The True Language of Prayer

Traveling in Rome is a blessed spiritual experience in this excerpt from Daily Guideposts. read more

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Guideposts: Kate Bosworth, as Eva Piper, prays over her husband in a hospital scene from 90 Minutes in Heaven

Kate Bosworth's Inspiring New Film

Kate Bosworth stars in 90 Minutes in Heaven, based on the book by Don Piper, a pastor who underwent a near-death experience following a horrific automobile accident.

dew-covered spider web in front of pink flowers

God's Creation Is Endless

Just when we think we've discovered it all, God surprises us.

a woman lies in the grass witnessing God's glory in creation

12 Prayers for Summer

Guideposts Executive Editor Rick Hamlin is sharing 12 summer prayers he's praying. 

Rick Hamlin
praise the lord post it

Reach Out to God with Post-It Prayers

A simple sticky note can help remind you to breath, to pause, to pray.

People using social media to encourage others - Guideposts

4 Positive Ways You Could Be Using Social Media

Social media is the perfect place to spread positivity and encouragement. Here's how. 

praying soldier

Get Specific When You Pray to God

Dig deep and go into great detail when you talk to God.

Elizabeth Jordan (Priscilla Shirer) is a poised and polished real estate agent with a family falling apart until she meets a client named Miss Clara.

Don't Gossip, Talk to God

Christian speaker, best-selling author and actress Priscilla Shirer shares an inspiring lesson she learned on the set of her new film, War Room

Guideposts: Thomas Alva Edison, Maya Angelou and Steve Jobs

Famous Last Words

The often mysterious last words of the dying have long captured public attention. Are they merely final utterances? Or could they possibly hold a clue to the wonder that awaits us in the hereafter?

A woman lies in the grass in sunlight getting peace reducing stress

5 Ways to Have More Peace

Brooke Obie offers these tips to alleviate stress.