A 'Mysterious Ways' Year in Review

A look back at the stories that wowed us in 2014

by - Posted on Dec 29, 2014

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Congratulations to Virginia Fisher from Owensboro, Kentucky, who was selected as the winner of our Joys of Christmas 2014 special issue. 

‘A Lifesaving Drop In’ is one of my favorites,” Virginia wrote. “I love anything by Guideposts. I'm very fortunate that my grandchildren keep buying me the Guidepost magazine and any of the books they can find.”

We received some great responses to my last post, “What Miracles Moved You This Year?”

  • Mary McKeever:  “My favorite was the story of the truck driver who saved the little girl and the Grandmother's life.”

  • Christy Christopher Toney:  “My favorite is the story of the truck driver. My daddy drove trucks for many years, quite a bite of it from Jackson, MS, to L.A.

“He would make a trip and a half a week. The other reason this is my favorite is because of my husband who is a recovering Meth addict. He' s been clean for over 10 years and together we are finding our faith again.”

According to our statistics, these were the most clicked stories this year:

“The Choice to Trust God”
David Fredericksen’s gripping account of his rescue effort on the interstate.

“Get Out of the Car, Now!”
Chris Teti nearly leaves his pregnant wife a widow… if not for a mysterious voice.

“She Will Be Healed”
Sue Likkel discovers spiritual–and physical–healing in the Good Book.

“Comforted By One Last Message”
After losing his son, Steve Erlanger receives a powerful, and impossible, message of comfort.

“A Miraculous Reunion”
Twenty-five years after the car crash that brought them together, a woman reconnects with the child she saved.

“Losing Her Job Was a Godsend”
Getting fired was the best thing for Sandy McDuffie–it happened at just the right time.

“A Hug From Heaven”
Melinda Norton finds a promise from a dying friend is fulfilled in the most unexpected way.

“A Doorbell Disturbance”
Larry Rohloff’s family escapes tragedy thanks to a late-night racket.

“The U-Turn That Rescued Mom”
A neighbor’s unplanned detour helps save Elaine Maze Poe’s mother from a grisly fate.

“The Longest Prayer”
The developmentally-challenged son of Joanne Baston knows something he can’t possibly know.

Thank you so much for sharing your true stories of miracles and wonders with us. We publish as many as we can, but even the ones that we can’t feature have the power to amaze us.

This year has been full of ups and downs, tribulations and triumphs, sadness and joy.

Through it all, we’ve been reminded, time and time again, that despite the things that challenge us, there is a higher order and purpose to everything, one we’re only beginning to discover.

Happy New Year, Mysterious Ways fans! We’ll bring you even more incredible stories in 2015!

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