A Prayer of Giving

Does God give us good things to make us happy—or is there a greater reason?

by - Posted on Nov 26, 2012

Daily Devotionals blogger Julia Attaway

A confession: A major cause of spiritual tension in my life is that I tend to think of things as mine. And I assume God gives me good things because he wants to make me happy.

It’s equally possible (and perhaps more likely) that God has given me good things because he trusts me to give them to others. After all, if Lazarus is lying at my gate, the Lord probably expects me to do more than be thankful that I’m comfy wearing my purple and fine linen.

This has been on my mind a lot lately. Which is why, as we all think about giving and receiving, this prayer is especially important.

Lord, refocus my eyes so that I see “my” possessions as the tools which you have supplied to do your work. Thank you for trusting me to be the means through which you answer the prayers of others. Help me live up to that trust.

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