A Spring Icon of Personal Growth

After an unrelenting winter, a snowdrop brings a sign of hope and happiness to come.

- Posted on Mar 14, 2011

I was out walking yesterday afternoon when I spied a snowdrop in full bloom. It immediately raised my spirits and seemed to me to be the perfect emblem of hope and personal growth.

The winter here in the Northeast, as in so many other sections of the country, was brutal this year: It was a constant barrage of snow and freezing temperatures, then more snow and freezing temperatures. But yesterday, despite the chill in the air, I saw the promise of change before my very eyes.

Life sometimes feels like this winter, doesn’t it? Caught as we can be in the midst of seemingly unending financial pressures, bad luck, challenges or painful situations. Then suddenly there’s a hopeful sign. Relief comes into sight. That’s the promise of the snowdrop.

So rest your eyes on this harbinger of spring! Take in its fragility and simple beauty. Change happens. We’re witness to it right now.

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