An Explosion Almost "Rocked" This Church

Watch how a massive boulder stopped just inches short of leveling this building.

by - Posted on May 16, 2014

Mysterious Ways blogger Adam Hunter

Grace Ministries Church in Saugus, Massachusetts, does more than host weekly services.

It also runs a food pantry that serves thousands of underprivileged souls in its community, 12 miles north of Boston. That mission almost met its end earlier this week, when a demolition crew blasting the property next door failed to properly gauge the strength of their controlled explosion. What happened? Well, see for yourself:

Talk about a close call!

"If it rolled another 12 inches, it would have gone right through the building," Pastor Rick LeClair told WCVB News. "This boulder was probably 20 tons."

Have you ever witnessed a very close call? One of my all-time favorite stories came from subscriber Ramona Scarborough of Salem, Oregon:

My family was driving across Canada to Montreal, where my husband, Ray, and I were going to be helping out a new church there. Ray had gotten a head start with our daughter in a rental truck stuffed with our belongings. I took my two-year-old, John, in our family car, a hardtop convertible jam-packed from floor to ceiling with piles of books to use in our work. They hadn’t fit in the truck.

We crossed into Ontario, driving along a narrow two-lane road. A heavy rain fell. Suddenly a truck veered into our lane. I turned the wheel sharply. The brakes screamed. Our tires hit the gravel on the shoulder. We went spinning off the road. We’re going to die, I thought...

You can read the rest of Ramona's remarkable story here.

What about you? What saved you from disaster at the last second? How do you explain it? Share your story!

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