Angel Sightings

When you experience angel sightings, you're reminded that angels are all around us, making their spiritual presence felt every day.
Wanda’s Buddy at home on the farm

Buddy's Welcome Home

She knew what it was to relinquish love to heaven. But this time she couldn’t let go.

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An artist's rendering of a coyote angel

A Coyote Guide

She and her dog were shown a new path, a new perspective, by an unlikely angel.

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An artist's rendering of the Virgin Mary surrounded by cherubs
Managing Life Changes

Blessed Journey

Florida was a long way from Chicago. He hoped he was making the right move.

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An artist rendition of rainbow pets go to heaven?

Animals and the Afterlife

Angel expert Sophy Burnham explores what happens when our beloved pets die.

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An artist's rendering of wind blowing through the redwoods

Blessings on a Breeze

A breeze reminded her, as she walked among redwoods, who it was that created it all.

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Artist's rendering of an angel perched atop a speeding train, holding a lantern

Angels Ride the Rails

Her childhood wasn’t perfect, but she wouldn’t let that erase her happiest memories.

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An angel reflected in the iris of a woman's eye

In My Mind's Eye

In her dream, she saw vivid sapphire, golden rays... and an angel’s wings.

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Devotional writter, Cynthia Ruchti
Devotions for Inspiration

Daily Devotion: Jesus' Triumphal Entry

Does your “Hosanna” turn quickly to “Jesus, what are You doing?” when crises hit?

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L to R: Brandi, Laura, Laurie and Kathy

"B" Inspired

They had traveled everywhere together. Could it be the same with one of them gone?

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Joan Wester Anderson

Vision of God's Love

“Life is sometimes difficult,” Jim’s angel told him, “but you'll never go through it alone.”

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