Angelic Surprises

Just in time, a beautiful image of an angel showed up as a reflection on the water...

by - Posted on Apr 9, 2014

A beautiful image of an angel as a reflection on the water

Today's guest blogger is Angels on Earth editorial assistant Sonya Maizell.

Our submissions inbox here at Angels on Earth is always full of angelic surprises, but we've never needed one more than the picture that arrived from Frank Washington of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

“My family and I go to this park to feed the ducks and geese,” he wrote. While feeding the birds, his sister snapped a photo. “An angel showed up as a reflection on the water, watching me over my left shoulder!”

Winter has been dragging on forever here in New York, but this beautiful image of spring reminded me that there were warmer days to come.

No matter what time of year, thanks to submissions like this one from our wonderful readers, I always get to see angels in abundance. You can help me out—submit your angel sighting today!

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