Angels and More Things I’m Thankful For

There are so many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving—earth angels among them; here are just a few.

by - Posted on Nov 23, 2011

Angels blogger Colleen Hughes

Things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving: My family, of course—mine’s the best. I’m thankful for my job as editor-in-chief of Angels on Earth, where I have the pleasure of discovering true stories about angels, both heavenly angels and earth angels.

And speaking of earth angels, I’m thankful for my wonderful babysitters, and all the everyday angels I come across in my town and during my commute. Sometimes I think of my bus drivers and train conductors as my guardian angels, because they keep me safe on my travels five days a week. I’m thankful for summer most of all, but also thankful I’ll be running up to the attic this weekend to bring down our Christmas tree angels. I’ve missed them!

I’m thankful that Evie has finally learned to ride a bicycle and that Louisiana is settled into her freshman year of high school. I’m thankful we have electricity at home, after being without power for several days recently. I’m thankful for these incredible fall sunrises, even if I’d really rather sleep in. I’m thankful for warm boots and gloves, and my new down coat. I’m (usually) thankful for my cats.

I’m thankful for you readers, who read my blog and Like our page and tell me about your angel sightings and angel encounters. You really make a difference in my life. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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