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Edward Grinnan and Millie
Daily Devotions

A Match Made in Heaven

A dog who likes to play with kids and a family wishing for some canine companionship meet.

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An artist's rendering of a kneeling angel

A Comforting Angel in the Waiting Room

She was fearful as she awaited her surgery, but a woman she'd never met reassured her.

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A collection of knitting needles and multi-colored skeins of yarn
Coping With Illness

The Healing Gift

She had long worked to comfort strangers; now someone else provided comfort to her father.

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Girl and grandmother

A Child's Healing Hug

She missed her granddaughter so much, and yearned for just one more hug...

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A black chihuahua in a woman's lap

Pepe's Heavenly Reunion

A family finds comfort when they receive a sign that their chihuahua is happy in heaven.

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An artist's rendering of a lost purse on a football field

An Orange Angel to the Rescue

She lost her husband, daughter and purse at a football game. How would she find them?

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The controls of an old basement furnace

Protected by an Angelic Inspector

A visit from a gas company employee leaves a homeowner feeling blessed.

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Guideposts: Bob Seger and Bruce Springsteen perform Old Time Rock and Roll before an enthusiastic crowd

Bob Seger & Bruce Springsteen: Old Time Rock & Roll

In the Sept./Oct. 2015 edition of Angels on Earth, Donna Teti writes a moving story of her late mother's love of music, especially Bob Seger's “Old Time Rock and Roll.” Listen as Seger sings that classic song, with an assist from Bruce Springsteen.

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An artist's rendering of a tiny angel locking closed a teacher's textbook

Watched Over by a Heavenly Proctor

Everything this young student needed to ace her test was there within reach. What to do?

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Lori Torman with daughter Casey and husband Barry
Special Needs Children

Casey's Angelic Career

Her special-needs daughter had so much to offer. Could she find a vocation for her?

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