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Roberta's bracelet, a heart-shaped necklace and an angel brooch, all in gold

A Jewel of a Friendship

Two friends are simultaneously inspired to make generous offers toward the other.

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An artist's rendering of a black bird nesting in a woman's red hair

The Stand-in Angel

The featherless little thing had someone watching over him, a guardian angel for birds.

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A boy paints at an easel.
Emotional and Mental Health

Eyes of the Beholder

An angelic art teacher helps a devoted mother recognize the inspiration in her son's drawings.

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An artist's rendering of an angel on the rooftop of a house

Rescue Psalm 91

Three new roofs in four years, and another hailstorm was headed their way. What to do?

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Aretha Franklin in the recording studio
Positive Living

Singing from the Soul

She knew no one who appreciated soul music–until she made a cross-country move.

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Angels on Earth Staff Editor Meg Belviso

Angels in Every Season

It's worth remembering that Christmas angels are still on the job all the year round.

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Boy's hand held reassuringly.

The Angels of Hemby Hospital

A mother with a sick child is comforted by a group of children from the other side.

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Jennie Bailor

An Inspiring Life Lesson

She felt alone in the aftermath of an auto accident, but was she alone when it happened?

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An artist's rendering of Aline's crystal earring

A Gift Gone Missing

She lost her earring just as she was to transfer to another train. Was it a lost cause?

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A photo of a pretzel vendor's wares

National Pretzel Day: The Angel of Times Square

Lost in a desolate section of Manhattan, could a pretzel vendor be an angel in disguise?

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